What Jewelry Are You Wearing Today???

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  1. It took forever but I was finally successful! I couldn’t believe it! I think he was attached to the pull up. He was changing them himself lol. I just decided one day to only give him underwear. We were watching cartoons and he took off for the potty. He has been in them ever since

    She will be potty trained before you know it, lil ladies seem to like undies better than boys do
  2. Sapphire three stone ring in 18k YG today.

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  3. Wearing this oldie but goodie It’s a shame Sanrio doesn’t make high end pieces anymore. This is the only 18k diamond piece I have ever found by them. I’ve had quite a few KLS pieces and they are gorgeous but I am a Sanrio fan. I know it was a shared venture but not true Sanrio pieces.
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  4. Hit button too soon IMG_1328.JPG
  5. What's the red bow and yellow eyes made of? What about the blue? Very cute!
  6. The bow is rubies, the eyes and nose are diamonds. The necklace is added (not Sanrio) the blue are sapphires. Sorry for the confusion on the necklace Thanks so much!
  7. I love hello kitty! I didn’t know they had these in diamonds and rubies. Cool. Like the sapphire and diamond necklace also. Aren’t you going to model it?:graucho:
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  8. I HK too—the chain is super gorgeous. Is it brand name or local fabulous jeweler?
  9. Essiedub, Thank you so much Kimora Lee Simmons had a line that was made out of diamonds and 18k. I used to have a ridiculous hello kitty collection. It’s was pretty bad lol. But you can still find some of her high end KLS pieces on eBay and a few other sites I will do a mod shot soon.

    Hi GeorginaLavender I had this made buy an online jeweler about 10 years ago during the whole diamonds by the yard craze. They are no longer er in business but there are a few still out there like white flash, good old gold, Brian Gavin, James Allen and a few others. I regret not buying the yellow sapphire one to this day ugh
  10. Thank you for the info!! It’s amazingly beautiful—always love for HK, esp the diamond ones—I just love the oval shaped sapphires—you don’t see that too often in ready made.

    Can’t wait for your modshots!!!
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  11. My POV

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  12. Cartier and Tiffany. My favorites.

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  13. On holiday and bought a Cartier Trinity ring in the small model from duty free at Heathrow T5 - love it with my Love cuff ❤️

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  14. My hands look like this I love my rings too much IMG_1674.JPG IMG_1672.JPG

    Left; Blue️Topaz,
    18k Ceylon Sapphire dia,
    9k Aquamarine QVC 2ct cluster,
    18k Columbian Emerald dia and
    Plat Hermes Kelly.
    Right; 2 Diamonique eternity bands .60cts silver& rose gold plated with 1.10ct VS1 Diamond Plat.
    9k Champagne 1ct dia QVC.