What Jewelry Are You Wearing Today???

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  1. 30mm plain hoop earrings in 18k YG, Cartier slim Love ring in YG, Cartier Love cuff in YG and sapphire and diamond three stone ring in 18k YG.

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  2. Marco Bicego and Pomellato on my hand
    Maria Tash and Melissa Joy Manning in my ears
    D8514D2B-5238-4DC4-9EFF-CACCB6135E42.jpeg 59AA3DD8-08DD-470D-BC04-723440AEFBF7.jpeg
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  3. IMG_5170.JPG
    David Yurman
    Frieda Rothman
    Tennis bracelet
    Wedding ring
  4. WG Double Happiness pendant with a RG chain and a WG diamond station necklace

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    ETA: I love the double happiness pendant! Had to take another peak at it [emoji5]
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  6. I finally wore this necklace today [emoji4] IMG_1065.JPG
  7. Lol, thank you Cyanide Rose :flowers:
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  8. You’re quite welcome [emoji4] don’t you just love autocorrect [emoji58]
  9. Autocorrect is the bane of my clumsy fingers existence! :sad:
  10. Is this DH pendant new? What happened with the gourd?

    I [emoji173]️[emoji173]️ the DH pendant!!![emoji7][emoji7][emoji7]
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  11. No, the DH pendant is not new, I just put on the RG chain from the gourd, :lol::lol:. I'm going to buy the chain and pass on the gourd. I like the way the RG chain pops the pendant out.
  12. I [emoji173]️[emoji173]️[emoji173]️ this new RG chain, and the DH pendant is new to me as I’ve never seen it before—it’s lovely[emoji7][emoji7][emoji7].

    The gourd is lovely, but if you’re not feeling it, then it’s wise to pass.
  13. Stuck in the house toilet training my toddler today - joys! Wearing Kiki McDonough Domino blue topaz drop earrings with diamond huggies, Cartier Love cuff and Cartier slim Love ring, all in YG. I know no one else will see my jewellery, but they make me happy!

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  14. Awww, you are looking glam mommy doing it too [emoji6]
  15. Lol! Thanks, losing the will here but determined to send her back to preschool dry after the Easter holidays! How is your training going?
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