What Jewelry Are You Wearing Today???

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  1. Today’s stack - Tiffany and VCA both in rose gold with my pink face Rolex.

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  2. Pearl studs & green diamond cluster studs. pearl studs green diamonds.jpg
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  4. IMG_3360.JPG IMG_3360.JPG IMG_3360.JPG
  5. 30mm 18k YG hoop earrings, Hermes Cape Cod watch, 0.75 ttcw 7 stone diamond band in 18k WG, Cartier slim Love ring in YG... and Cartier Love cuff in YG which arrived today! :heart::heart::heart:

    It is preowned but in lovely condition and a size 18, much more comfortable than the size 17 one I used to have. So happy and can’t stop looking at it!

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  6. How are you liking the Tiffany bracelet? Do things get caught on the T? I’m thinking about adding it to my collection.
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  7. I absolutely love it!! I’ve had no issues with it getting caught. And I love that I can take it on and off easily. The diamonds are also super sparkly. I have been wearing it on non stop and even admittedly when I sleep so I can wake up admiring it lol. It has so many more diamonds than the juc which I was considering. I still plan to get that one - maybe later this year since I’m going to be on ban island soon after a surprise from my H fairy!
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  8. Thank you for the feedback and I'm glad you're so happy with it. Sparkly is GOOD!! :lol: One can never have enough in my opinion. Oooh a visit from the H fairy? Can't wait til you share your pressie :graucho:
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  9. No pearls today. White Topaz & onyx necklace, black diamond studs Hubby brought in Dubai along with diamond studs I already had.
    20190322_214000.jpg 20190322_214026.jpg
  10. 2 roberto coins and my tiffany infinity :smile:

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    Wearing a Chalcedony gourd pendant made in rose gold with diamonds. Can be worn with a rose gold chain or white gold chain. Trying to decide if I'm going to purchase it or not.

    IMG_3732.jpeg IMG_3735.jpeg
  12. What an unusual shape. Reminds me of a snowman?! I like the rose gold chain best.
  13. Thank you, it's actually a gourd which is a good luck sign in Chinese culture.
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  14. It’s gorgeous!
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  15. I see that now, didn’t realise it was a good luck talisman. Lovely.
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