What Jewelry Are You Wearing Today???

  1. Oh yes, the price vs quality is very completive just due to the fact a you are dealing with a family opened business or the diamond broker yourself which reduce the amount of over head and staff. So the discounts our passed to you. As I mentioned before, there are some low end and high end boutiques. The high end are more secure and do not mind if you bring some with you that is knowledgable about diamond to help you out.
    I"I been purchasing jewelry from the jewelry mart for at least 25 years. That is one thing that I miss not having in Georgia, to purchase jewelry you are pretty much have to go to a Jared"s or G Geller or Tiffiany's and you don't get much wiggle room.
  2. Having a blah day. Only wearing my Tiffany"s toggle and hearts bracelets.
  3. today i'm wearing:
    these on my left wrist:
    my diamond studs and my tiffany YG dbty 0.42- I've taken Skyqueen's advice and wear it on it's own instead of layered with the 0.08 :biggrin:

    Wilfrid mint cardigan
    Club Monaco purple ruffle blouse
    Pink Tartan black skirt- my absolute favorite designer for dresses and skirts!
    and miu miu jewelled ballet flats
  4. I'm wearing basically the same jewellery minus the Cartier baby love and the bluenile diamond bar, in exchange I put on my yellow diamond ring :biggrin:

    Club Monaco black dress with Japanese flower print
    Jeffrey Campbell black smoking flats with studs
    80 denier tights- because it's raining and I hate showing leg at work!
    yellow diamond ring.jpg
    I took this with my blackberry Q10, did a not bad job!
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    Yesterday and today I have been wearing my amber ring stacked with my orbit ring and my amber pendant on 20" chain all sterling silver

    amber .jpg

    amber 3.jpg

    amber set .jpg

    amber 1.jpg
  6. Good morning ladies! I have a heavy, messy stack today!
    2 x tiffany RTT bead bracelets
    1 x pandora bracelet
    1 x pandora lariat
  7. Yesterday and today's jewellery. Depending on the weather I may wear these pieces all weekend.

    Sheila Fleet pentlant pendant from the North Sea collection
    5 strand sterling silver snake bracelet
    sterling silve bangle
    white and blue topaz ring
    Pulsar ceramic and stainless steel watch

    Sheila combo.jpg
  8. My ss dbty and rtt bead blue heart. New buys. Love!!
    1373158959936.jpg 1373159003250.jpg
  9. Nice! Did u have to shorten both bracelets? Does the diamond in the dbty stay on top of ur wrist?
  10. Just love that ring!!!
  11. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1373212331.895140.jpg
  12. :hugs: thanks SQ I'm horrible at taking decent pictures!
  13. The.bead is small size. The dbty - Will take to my local Tiff on friday to shorten. Its too big. I will prob just wear it as a single no layers as I can see it would get hidden under the beads.
  14. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1373247572.579976.jpg A gift from my husband 😘