What jewellery do Bbag owners wear?


Balenciaga Bumblebee
Jul 2, 2007
As I am a jeweller, I would be very interested to know what style/taste in jewellery you have, whether it is real or fashion jewellery.


Nov 25, 2006
Diamonds -- in studs, hoops, pendants and rings... The eternity style in particular is my current fav, guess the slick marketing campaigns got me good on that one!


Oct 15, 2008
As a 1st year intern, I can't afford anything fancy right now.
I own Bvlgari B zero 1 necklace and rings in both rose gold and 18K gold.
I also own several Tiffany 18K gold necklace, I'm wearing the 1837 interlocking necklace as an everyday accessory. And also some Tiffany silver accessories.

The most valuable jewelry I own is my Vivianna watch from Georg Jensen which was a gift from my dearest parents! :heart:
I'm also a fan of the Hermes H bracelet!

Nice thread!:tup:


I Need More Cowbell
Jan 26, 2008
Most of the time, I prefer wearing a few really good pieces--always, my engagement and wedding rings, then, diamond stud or pearl earrings and a diamond tennis bracelet or a pearl bracelet. Occasionally, I'll wear a bangle (gold or LV Inclusion) or a long beaded necklace.

Fun thread!


Mar 6, 2007
Near Chicago
Nothing at all. I don't like the feeling of wearing jewelry. I find it cumbersome and annoying. I just have 2 remaining tragus piercings (the inner part of the ear cartiledge) that have to stay put, lest they will heal over in 30 minutes (which is what happened with my other ear piercings in cartiledge). I can't wear rings in my earlobes... they pull and hurt and leave my lobes swollen.


Sep 7, 2008
somewhere in Europe
Always the same Pomellatto aquamarine heart pendant, sometimes pearl earrings and occasionally a bracelet like Chaine d'Ancre or semi precious stones, everyday is very discreet.


Apr 1, 2007
i actually have a photo of my every-single-day jewelry, which is a whole bunch of rings:

each of them has sentimental value, aside from me just liking the colors or whatever. and they're all vintage or antique except for the one opal with the twisty gold band, which my mom and i designed together.

i also wear diamond stud earrings all the time (i don't think i've taken them out in a year and a half). that's out of laziness more than anything.

other than that, i do like to wear big necklaces, or a bunch of bangles. i have a vintage turquoise bracelet that i wear a few times a week... but i don't spend a ton of money on jewelry. i like it, but i'm not into precious stones or anything like that. i like chunky turquoise or coral, and am not too snobby to wear plastic and lucite if it looks cool ;)


Dior Dragon
Dec 29, 2007
Copenhagen, Denmark
Lynggaard jewellery is probably my favourite - I have 3 diamond heart-rings in white-, golden and red gold that I wear together. I also have a wide 'Anemone' ring with 6 diamonds that I used to wear on my right hand, but my wedding band is there now :biggrin:

I have a gold necklace with a heart that I wear every day. I often forget to wear earrings ...

I'm planning on getting a Lynggaard leather bracelet with exchangeble 'sweet drops', but as with the Bals there are so many colours to choose from so I'm having difficulties making up my mind!

I do have lots and lots of fashion jewellery, especially necklaces and earrings, I don't wear them a lot because I simply forget to switch my regulars.


Feb 27, 2006
With my jewelry, I mix high and low the way I do my clothes. I wear a diamond wedding band regularly but will match it with everything from Marc Jacobs pendant watches to Kenneth Jay Lane bracelets, JCrew rings to Ippolita necklaces. It's vibrant and fun, as long as the pieces don't clash or I don't pile too much on (which is never really an issue).

And as I carry mainly GH Balenciaga bags, I don't worry too much about matching the jewelry to the hardware - again, it's fun if there's a mix.
Oct 24, 2005
Pretty much the same stuff every day. I have a white gold/diamond cross necklace that I never take off - it was a gift from my grandparents on my 21st birthday. And I wear 2 pairs of earrings - small silver hoops and white gold/zircon studs. Have other earrings, never can be bothered to change them. I sleep in them too. :blush:

When I go out I also wear my watch - its silver (colour, not metal), from Next, and I've had it 10 years and absolutely love it. I also usually wear a couple of silver rings - I have a few that I chop and change.

Not a lot of variety sadly. But I love my pieces too much to swap them out.


Nov 24, 2006
Great idea for a thread!

I keep everything very simple.

I have a deco styled platinum ring that I wear everyday - it has a big ole diamond in it - the diamond is held in place with tension, so it is elevated and looks great. This was a present to myself when I achieved a certain something in my law career.

I wear my platinum engagement ring and wedding band everyday.

I wear simple silver hoops or my diamond studs everyday.

I wear my Bertolucci watch everyday.

When I'm wearing gold, I wear my Boucheron watch (has a lot of interchangeable bands).

I wear my Elsa Peretti silver "bone" cuff bracelet - looks great with jeans.

I also have a big smooth Chanel cuff bracelet - it has the camellia image cut out in it. Love that with my jeans and t-shirt too.

I have a lot of Pandora and Troll charms and leather strand thingies that I wear when I have the time to create a pretty color palate.

I have a lot of heavy duty jewelry that never makes it out of the bank. Hehehe. H. Stern, Asher, stuff like that. I really don't care for it.

And I have a ton of vintage jewelry that my mom and grandmother have given to me over the years. Occasionally I wear it in the evening.