what jewellery are u wearing today

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  1. i'll start! none since im home now but tomorrow i will wear:

    e-ring and band
    small (.15 tcw) studs
    and tiffany heart tag necklace i think
  2. Today I'm wearing my rose gold and diamond C initial pendant, my yellow diamond with white pave studs (0.8 ct) and a yellow gold ring with brushed white gold on top with amethyst and citrine and diamonds...very chunky and modern cut
  3. Today, I'm feeling my YG jewellery so have my e/w YG set which I adore :love:worn with my ruby and YG stud earrings, diamond and ruby YG pendant with delicate YG chain, my beloved Conroy and Wilcox thorn ring in YG:heart::heart:, my mixed matte/shiny rose gold bean bracelet and finally my black J12 with rose gold trim.
    Wow when you write it down, it seems a lot but I don't feel over accessorize KWIM?
  4. cute thread!

    today im wearing my e ring of course (tiffanys ribbon ring); tennis necklace; diamond hoops, diamond studs in my scond home (1.5 ttw) and gucci bead braclet


    oh and currently im wearing my tiffanys eyeglasses that i just got -- does that count as jewelry?!?! hehe
  5. today is rtt round tag bracelet, diamond studs (in little silver triangles) and e-ring and wedding band.

    my e-ring is white gold band w .75 cushin cut stone and baguettes on side. band is baguettes.
  6. i'm wearing my e-ring and wedding band, 1.8ctw round diamond studs, small diamond cross necklace (channel set), and michele diamond deco XL watch. as dh says, all my jewelry has diamonds on it!
  7. Have some pics of the jewellery (the bracelet, thorn ring, e/w set & J12) so might as well put it up:P

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  8. Hi, is your bracelet Marcio Beigio? Love it
  9. My engagement ring - Harry Kotlar 3 ct cushion cut diamond set in platinum
    Anthony Nak blue and green sapphire chandelier earrings (this link shows the basic shape and colour, but this is not the exact pair that I own)
    Delicate gold necklace with small gold circle in the middle

    This is pretty much what I wear everyday, except I wear pearl earrings more often than larger earrings and sometimes my pearl necklace.

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  10. Left hand - sapphire ring with 8 diamonds.
    Right hand - 5 stone diamond ring and a solitare dimond ring.
    Diamond studs and a pearl necklace.
  11. Left hand: my engagement ring (1 ct solitaire) + wedding band (all round diamonds eternity ring)
    Right hand: b.zero white gold ring
    Open heart Tiffany necklace
  12. Thanks! I love it too, not least because it was one of the last gift from my late nana. She got it in one of those quaint tiny jewellery shop in Goa during her last holiday in 2007:yes: I tend to wear pieces that speak to me or has sentimental value.
  13. today is just my little silver triangle earings w diamonds in them, ering and wedding band and esq diamond studded watch
  14. On my left hand: a Pandora bracelet on my wrist, and my engagement rings and wedding band on my ring finger.

    In my ears: Small silver hoops in the bottom holes, small gold crucifixes in the top holes.

    I love mixing gold and silver jewelry, since my e-rings are yellow gold with white gold setting around the stones, and since my wedding band is two-toned gold as well with small channel-set diamonds (I picked out a two-tone band to match my rings). My Pandora bracelet has mostly silver with a couple gold spacers as well, come to think about it. I'm incredibly fond of the two-tone look.
  15. today i am wearing my tiffany's elsa p. pearl set....the long strand of pearls with the hear toggle, matching braclet and drop earrings

    and my tiffanys ribbon e ring of course! :smile: