What Jeans For Short Asian

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  1. Hi everyone!!

    God i'm happy i found this forum so great!!!!

    ok so i have a problem here, i live in Europe (Belgium) and it's very diffucult to find designer Jeans here (SFAM, PAIGE,...) so the only choice i have is to buy online...

    first question: is revolveclothing a good place to buy?

    second question: i'm a short asian, only 5 feet :crybaby: and i weight 95 lbs.....could anyone tell me what would be the best jeans for me??????? (i hate skinny types)........I heard Paige Premium fits small is it true?

    I WOULD BE SO GRATEFUL FOR YOUR HELP !!!!!!! i'm desparate i tried R&R size 24 but they're tooo big!!!

  2. I'm 5"2 and I wear a size 27 for Blue Cult and Seven jeans. I just chop the excess off and they are perfect.
  3. I've heard Paige has a petite line now.
  4. thanks to you both ..... i saw Paige's line for petite but there's only two choices of jeans :sad:
    but ok they're still ok i think, anyway just ordered it directly from their website
  5. hey TAMMY D, can you tell me if seven fits like paige?
  6. I am 5 ft too, and is abt 95 lbs. I wear size 24 seven, but have to get them hemmed - a lot.
  7. thanks starfused!! well we're about same size, so i'll follow your advice for a 24 Seven and chop off the bottom....it's very rare for me to buy pants without having to cut off the bottom
  8. I have the same problem. 5 footer but not as petite my ahem lower half is not as small as my top half but my waist is a 26. Does anyone have the same problem?

    Currently I live in evisu, but do own SFAM and TR ( all of which had to be altered or rolled up)
  9. I'm around the same size! I have to shorten my pants too!

    First off, Revolve is a GREAT place to buy. I'm from Canada and I love the free shipping, plus you don't get charged duties! (unless customs opens your package) because Revolve marks the value lower so you don't get charged. The only downside is that sometimes the package can get stuck on customs, and the package will be delayed. Often I've had to wait 3 weeks to get my package after it was shipped!

    Secondly, I LOVE PAIGE! They're definitely a bit smaller than SFAM (most pairs), and some light washes are WAY smaller than SFAM! The back pockets are kind of plain, but they fit really well. I'd definitely recommend them. The size 24 fits really well!!

    I love Seven, but I find the newer ones are running REALLY big. I tried on a pair and they were sooo big! So, I wouldn't get SFAM unless it's an older pair.
  10. Revolve is a good place to buy.
  11. I'm going to chime in here and say that Paige fits me a lot better than SFAM. I guess it also depends on the style of SFAM since their styles vary a lot in sizing. But in general, I definitely prefer Paige over Sevens.

    I'm 5'4 and 95lbs and every pair of Paige I have (sz.24 for reference) hugs me in all the right places and gives me the illusion of longer legs and some buttocks :yahoo:
  12. Revolve is a great place to buy, but unfortunately for you, the smallest size they carry is a size 24 for premium jeans (someone correct me if I am wrong!). Seven for all Mankind seems to be fitting bigger now so I would definitely recommend Paiges (try 24). Don't worry about being 5'... You can get jeans hemmed to look like the original. The tailor is your friend! :yes:
  13. sfam, joes, and paige all have petite jeans now :yahoo: !

    I'd say for fit, try paige & frankie Bs if you find that most size 24s are too big and get them hemmed with original hem. There are often pretty cute size 22/23s on Ebay too (and luckily those have not been faked yet).
  14. ^^ They do? What is the inseam on SFAM/Paige petite jeans?
  15. sfam - 30" (according to revolveclothing.com, bootcuts only)
    paige - 31" (according to paigepremiumdenim.com, LC only)

    i haven't seen either IRL but i have tried on the sfam flip flops (29.5" according to revolve) and they were baggy on me.