What jeans are you wearing today???

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  1. So it's casual friday at the office... the only day I get to wear jeans.

    Rockin' my 7FAM A-pockets...

    What jeans are you rockin' today?
  2. I'm wearing American Eagle Jean shorts :smile:
  3. I am so bad, even though I could wear jeans on Fridays I usually end up in a dress. I just bought a bunch of Luckys but haven't had them hemmed yet...
  4. Current Elliot boyfriend jeans! :biggrin:
  5. I normally wear designer jeans, but today I am wearing a pair of white jeans I got at White House/Black Market. I really love these jeans - they are so flattering!
  6. I almost bought a pair last weekend but wasn't sure about the quality and how they "age"... do you like them??
  7. 7FAM straight knee length blue jeans
  8. James skinny jeans
  9. Deener in a dark wash. I forgot about them!
  10. 7 for all mankind Bootcut NYE :biggrin:
  11. skirt now, but earlier Radcliffe straight leg
  12. yaaay for casual Friday!! I only get to wear jeans of Friday as well!.
    Today, wearing my ultra comfortable Juicy jeans
  13. My super comfy and ancient True Religion jeans. I've lost so much weight since getting them I can now wear them like boyfriend jeans
  14. blank denim skinnys with gold studs
  15. Rock and Republic black skinnys