1. Mi fav haz got 2 be da cruise 07 large boston bag with the double pockets in front (havent got a pic 2 show but will find one 2 post) and i got it jst two months ago as a birthday prezzie:yes: :yahoo:
  2. My Princy brown guccissima leather hobo. I love it so much I think I am going to be getting it in black soon.
  3. Don't make me choose! I love them all :heart:
  4. my chain horsbit....omg its SO comfy and fits my waterbottle (hey i live in AZ gotttttta have my water!)....but it looks cute and non bulkly

  5. ooohhh...it's a tie between these two...although the green and black isn't mine, it's my Mom's, but it's still one of my fave's.
    DSC01250.jpg DSC00114.jpg
  6. My ellipse medium shoulder bag.... because it fits my essentials
  7. All my gucci-bags are my favourites , I can't choose ;) !
    chainhobo.jpg amalfi_hobo.jpg messengerbag.jpg shoulderbag.jpg

  8. I love all your bags!!!!
  9. Leslie_x luv ur collection especially da messenger bag luv it:heart:
  10. Thanks beljwl!!! :flowers: you made my day!
  11. thanks Kitty2sweet!!! more people that made my day;) !
  12. I love my Blonidie shoulder flap bags. One is a nice caramel color and the other is white. I love that messaenger bag though!!!
  13. I really want something in the white guccissima leather. I have Black and Brown. My question is how hard is the white to keep clean?
  14. Beljwl, have you had problems with the leather? I read in the other thread that guccissima leather is very delicate and stains/scratches easily. I would love to get the princy guccissima leather hobo in black, but am worried about how it's going to hold up since I'm pretty rough with my bags. Did you use some type of coating to protect the leather? TIA!
  15. I LOVE IT!!!!:love: I just got it a few weeks ago and have only used it a few times. I am also pretty hard on my bags. I looked it over last night and did not notice any scratches on it. It is in perfect condition. Just like when I bought it. The color is already a little uneven in the Chocolate at least in the Hobo style. Which I prefer that way it doesn't show as much if it does get dirty. I also try not to obsess over little surface scratches now a deep scratch is another story but I have not noticed anything like that. So far I love the bag. If you read in another thread I posted. Help need to return. I actually now have 2 of the same bag. I bought one and my mother bought me one as a birthday present.

    No I did not treat it with anything. I posted a thread the day I bought it asking if I should and no one said I should so I didn't