What Items Does Your Botkier Have In It?

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  1. Hey,I was thinking we could post pics of what botkier it is and also show pics to see what's inside the bag.

    * I'll do mine later on*
  2. Hey All!

    Here are a few pictures of what's inside my Logan Satchel in distressed black!!



    • trigger wallet
    • keys
    • metro card
    • my subway book which is currently Twenties Girl
    • my planner
    • umbrella (NYC weather has been unpredictable lately)
    • ipod
    • blackberry
    • sunglasses
    • cocoa butter chapstick
    • slik stik (anti-blister stick)
    whats inside your Botkier Bag??

    xox Botkier
  3. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1431729519.627388.jpg

    Black large Bianca with GH:

    - Gianni Chiarini wristlet used as wallet. Also holding daily medicine

    - LV pochette holding Clipa, daily makeup, iphone-charger, perfume, small toiletries and such nessecities

    - animalprint cotton shoppingbag

    - LV dustbag for my leopard scarf

    - notebook

    - pencil/3-color pen

    - LV epi pocket angenda

    - Clarins handlotion

    - Avéne spf 50 suncream

    - card for public transportation

    - Dior Créme Abricot

    - ipod

    - Sunglasses (cover not in picture)

    - Chanel mirror

    - Chanel lippie

    - La Roche-Posay lipbalm

    - gum

    I also always have almonds in my bag