What items do you refuse to throw away?

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  1. I generally am pretty ruthless about tossing worn-out stuff (and donating stuff in good condition that I don't want any more), but there is one thing I refuse to get rid of. It's a pair of white flannel PJs with snowflakes all over them. I have had them forever (I don't even remember since when), and they have shortened in hem and sleeve length, and the fabric has started to pill, but I refuse to get rid of them.

    I even have a new pair in navy blue, that is thicker and softer, also with snowflakes, and properly fitted, but I still refuse to get rid of the white ones. They're what I wear at home when I'm feeling down and need some comfort- always have been. I usually wear them now only when my husband is out of town, but I still wear them!

    Do you have any items you will NOT get rid of, even though reason would dictate that you probably should? :girlsigh:

  2. My juicy velour sets, OMG I love them, and btw I need a new set.
  3. i have had a short leopard print robe for 10 years. it's traveled to 3 different apartments, 2 houses, cross country, and will be going with me when we set up house in africa. i can't imagine ever throwing it away.
  4. A couple of sorority sweatshirts (with the greek letters on the front). No, I don't wear them any longer and it's been egad 17 years since I graduated college :nuts: , but I just can't give them away. As much as I give tons of old clothes and shoes to goodwill, I just can't bear the thought of any old schmoe wearing those sweatshirts.
  5. none that i can think of... i've kept lots of stuff for years, but eventually they either get tossed out or donated to charity when i realize my closet is overflowing and there's no space for new stuff.
  6. I have a genuine Turkish bathrobe that I haven't worn in years but still won't toss.
  7. Evening bags and opera gloves.

    I have no excuse.
  8. I have one of those cheesy t-shirts with a pic of my son when he was a baby that says "World's Greatest Mom". That will NEVER be tosses out!!
  9. T-shirts in general. Especially for the more casual t's, once they become worn I'll use them as a PJ top. At least, they don't always just sit in the closet!
  10. I have a pair of dark blue silk pajamas that are barely retaining the property of a solid.

    I'm waiting for them to disintegrate off my body in the middle of the night....
  11. My grandma gave me a set o silk pj for my 18th birthday saying that "You are a woman now :girlsigh: you should have a silk Pj". IT's HIDEOUS!!!!!!!! I have never worn it and it'b been sitting in my closet in that smae spot since then but everytime I look at it I start to laugh so................ I just can'y throw it away..........
  12. two things.. my turquoise slouchy suede boots i got back in 03 that i've worn so much that they practically have holes in them but until i find an identical pair they aren't going anywhere. the same goes for my first pair of marc jacobs shoes, a pair of black flat round/almond toe mary janes with a brass botton on the side of the strap. they've stretched so much that i'm always stepping out of them on the street :shame: but i still wear them all the time..
  13. my west-ham oversized t-shirt that I had since i was 6 (so for 10 years) until one day 2months ago when my mum chucked it in the bin and then lied to me about it:sad: so my dad bought me 3 new ones:yahoo:
  14. Yes, I have several things that I just CAN'T get rid of that I don't wear anymore. There are some clothing items that are just too sentimental for me to donate. They still fit but just aren't my style anymore..

    In particular, there's this navy blue sweatshirt with a sunflower on it from high school that I still have. I used to wear it inside-out...inside out sweatshirts were really popular at my school for whatever reason :s I wore it every chance I got! 9 years later, I still have it, but NEVER wear it!
  15. My christening dress my mum made for me and a blue fairy outfit my mum made for me.