What items did Coach make in the Butterfly Print?

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  1. I really love the Butterfly print that Coach has. I recently bought a Carly in the Butterfly print at the Coach Outlet. I'm wondering what items did they make in the Butterfly Print? Did they make wallets, scarves, umbrellas etc...? Or just bags with it on it? Thanks to anyone who can help!:biggrin:
  2. They made a tote bag, kinda like the Screaming Girl tote bag. They made wristlet, pony tail scarf, small pouch bag (like the tiny kind only a kid could fit on their shoulder). Can't remember what else.. oh umbrella too.
  3. The main boutique bag was a Parker tote. In addition to the stuff Q listed, there were shoes (sneakers, sandals and rainboots), a swingpack, and I think a hat.
  4. Thanks! I wish they would of made a wallet! I really wanted to get one to match my Carly bag. At least now I know not to bother looking for one!
  5. The wristlet, if you can ever find one, is awesome. It's a 6"by4" so you can use it as a wallet (on the go).
    I want the rainboots and umbrella SOOO bad! LOL!
  6. ^^

    I've seen the rainboots and umbrella on ebay, they are cute! I wonder if the Coach Outlet will get the wristlet? Hopefully they will and the hair scarf too!:biggrin: