What items are you waitlisted for?

  1. Just wanted to know what items are you guys waitlisted for, from the S/S 2007 collection..I soooo envy you! I've been trying to get waitlisted for the past few weeks but all the SAs told me that they're not allowed to waitlist anybody cuz they haven't got the look book yet :crybaby: Does anyone know anything about that???!!! I live in the UK by the way! so, UKers (the newest word in my dictionary:p ) have you gotten that kind of response too?
  2. I'm in the US and am waitlisted for the Denim Patchwork Speedy and the Dentelle Speedy in both gold & silver (although I am checking it out IRl first before purchasing)!
    I'll also list for the Handbags & Trunks stuff when it comes out.

  3. cooool..gr8 choice of items! Does the dentelle speedy come in both gold and silver in just one bag? or is it either gold or silver?I've been thinking about that for a while:s
  4. I live in Germany and got the same response:crybaby:
  5. Cool: There will be two different colors released: gold & silver. I waitlisted for both so I can decide if I even like it, and if I do like it then I'll pick one color!
  6. aaaaw! so apparently all Europeans are left out this time:rolleyes:
  7. I usually just ask my SA to call me when things arrive. The only time I've had to actually waitlist for something was for the Miroir bags and now the Coeur in Pomme d'Amour which required me to leave my cc# info. However, I don't think I really NEEDED to leave my cc info for thr Coeur, I'm thinking the SA wanted to secure the sale because my regular SA just told me that when they come in she would give me a call. I guess SA's have different ways to go about it.

    Things that I am waiting for:
    Coeur in Vernis
    Gold Miroir shoes

    Not too many things I want this time around.
  8. My big waitlist:

    The red vernis heart...

    That's it. Nothing else I love in the look book :sad: Might be a slow season for me.
  9. Michelle1025 and twinkle.tink.. you guys are so lucky that your list is sooo short:crybaby:would save you alotta money!
  10. Im waitlisted for the LOVE tote
  11. I just waitlisted for the Dentelle Batignolles Horizontal :yahoo:
  12. i'm not too crazy about any of the new S/S lines. the only things i'm on a waitlist for are:

    Vernis Pomme d'Amour Coeur
    Multicolore Coeur
  13. things Im waitlisted for:

    LV Cup Bandana
    LV Cup bag

    Apparently Im the 1st on the waitlist for these items :nuts:
  14. Same here. My SA found me a Gold Miroir Speedy, which I'm really happy about and I'll be picking up this week.

    As for being on an actual list, I'm just waiting for the Coeur in Pomme d'Amour and a little something else that I'll be hopefully picking up the same day :graucho:
    Otherwise, I'm not really liking any of the new stuff coming out.
  15. Not waitlisted for anything. But planning to buy a Carryall very soon.