What items are reasonably priced?

  1. In response to the interesting thread on what Hermes items you think are overpriced...

    Which Hermes items do you think are reasonably priced? I'd especially love to hear your ideas, as I'm a first time Hermes buyer, and plan on purchasing some twillys, pocket squares, and an agenda so far, but would love to know if there are any other reasonably priced items that might be nice to add to my wardrobe (not bags though, hehe, I'm only 22, it will be a couple more years before I hit the bag level :biggrin: ). If you have prices to go along with the item suggestions/ideas, add those too! ^_^
  2. Welcome!!!
    Definitely the pocket squares ($100) and Twillys but be careful, they are addictive and add up fast! :nuts:
    Also my small Ulysee notebook was around $200 and well worth it. The yummy smell of the leather is priceless. :shame:
    The enamel bracelets are wonderful! Mine was around $400 but I've worn it every day for five or so years so that is a pretty good cost-per-wear.
    zebra.jpg ulysee.jpg bracelet.jpg
  3. You are never too young to start!
    I say the ulysses agenda (approx. 200)!
  4. That is the one I'm getting :smile: I'm going to the Hermes store tomorrow to finalize my item list (my first time! XD) and I'm really really anxious to find out what colors of the ulysses agenda they have!!
  5. I think the Ulysee notebook is a great one and Neeya, if they don't have a color you like, have the SA helping you check other stores' inventory and they can always send it to you. Enamel bracelets are wonderful ($400 and up) as are leather bag charms (around $150 and up). The small 24 coin purse is around $310 and holds a lot of change/tokens. There are also the leather bookmarkers in the animal shapes which are around $150 or so if I remember correctly. Have fun, and let us know what you decide on!
  6. OH do I know I've seen one somewhere; are the pumpkin leather bag charms still out? o_o I :heart: pumpkins!! If not, what other designs are out right now, if you don't mind me asking? :smile:

    And does anyone know if Hermes makes a pen case?
  7. The SF store had a pumpkin last time I was there. :yes:
  8. I've seen some of the animal keychains around too--monkey, hippo, etc. There may be some older designs (i.e., fruit) that may still be floating around that your SA can check for you. They do make a few pen cases. I just got one--it's the Piccolo and I think it was around $400 or so. The Karo PM is officially labeled a "pencil case" although most use it to store makeup and other misc. items and that goes for $540 or so.
  9. Oh I was hoping so badly for a pen case!! I'm thrilled to hear that they have one! Thank you for telling me! :smile: Do you happen to have a photo of it? If not it's okay I was just wondering :yes:
  10. i love my scarves and I am oki with the price as well..
  11. Thanks! The item is a wallet--it's the Vertical Azap and the color is Rose Shocking. I believe the Piccolo comes in that color! The Piccolo is a new item so if your store doesn't carry it...you know what to do! Have them call a larger store! :yes:
  12. The Forcat Lime necklace!!! It's $80 and very versatile as well as practical!
  13. ^just my aging 2cents. It's only overpriced if you never use it. If you buy a bag for $200/300 and never use it, that's overpriced, buy a pocket sq for $100 and wear it all the time, not overpriced :p