What items are available in "Hot Pink"

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  1. I called 1-866LV today and the representative mentioned hot pink is a new color in some LV items ... But she couldn't tell me what items they were.

    I did see it as an option in the 4 key holder (but not the 6)

    Does anyone have any Intel on items available in hot pink? Bags, wallets, accessories, anything :P

  2. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1464157944.721369.jpg
    ImageUploadedByPurseForum1464157956.940379.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1464157967.380662.jpg
    Almas and Pasadena for sure
  3. Twist & Cluny too 1464158564556.jpg 1464158703998.jpg
  4. Wallets like the Emilie, Clemence, Zippy (Epi), and Sarah (Epi) are available.
  5. I wanted the Twist wallet in Epi. It's gorgeous!
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  6. Alma Bb and PM. A new empreinte Emilie wallet. Some have seen the vernis key pouch in hot pink and blueberry. It would be so nice if we could search the website by color. I guess it's forbidden for LV to make it easy for us to shop :smile:
  7. Totally agree! Thanks :smile:
  8. This does sound gorgeous!
  9. Thank you :smile:. I'm trying to search the site with not much luck...
  10. Is hot pink here to stay? Considering a clemence wallet (available online now) but I want to wait another month or two after some recent purchases.
  11. does anyone know when the alma bb will be available in this colour? I don't see it on the Canadian website yet ?!
  12. In empreinte or canvas?
  13. Canvas & mono, but either really.