What item would you rather buy on the LV.com website instead of at the store?

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  1. What items would all of you decide to just buy it online rather than at the store to insure you get a "fresh one"?

    I vote bag charms - to avoid scratched "display ones"
    and also some of the not so popular bags as long as I don't care it isn't MIF. I noticed if it is a leather bag at a high price point, unless you buy it right when it got released, your bag may have been "displayed" for a while. Even the ones they take out of the drawers may have been displayed. My SA tells me that they try to rotate bags from "display to drawers" to avoid a bag getting old. At least with online LV.com you stand the chance it came from the warehouse.
  2. when SA's shows me a bag from the drawer and I like it, I ask for another one and inspect again
  3. Scarves/bandeaus/shawls, RTW.
    When it comes to bags or SLGs, I just ask for one that's never been on display (and I call in advance and ask my SA to have one reserved for me or to call me when they get a new one that's not on display gets in).
  4. I'd rather buy SLGs on the website...I want them new plus they are made in France or Spain. But if I buy a bag...it has to be MIF.
  5. nothing I buy all of my LVs from Saks because I love the points! :smile:
  6. i usually purchase wallets and slg online.
  7. I would go by what is my mood...do I want to shop at LV or just order it online. :P
    Also if I knew the item I want will be discontinued...I would opt for online. That is another consideration for me. :lol:
  8. Haha. I'm the same way, too. And, when I get the little reward cards, off I go to LV for more pretty things.
  9. I have never bought online
    I am too impatient to wait for the delivery :smile:
  10. I prefer to buy my items from the store. I shop at Saks even though there is an LV store in the same mall....I have a great SA and I make sure she gets all of my business.
  11. I buy just about everything online. I don't live very close to the nearest store, and while I've made a few small purchases in stores (never a bag), my store is very small, so they don't have a great deal of stock. I have always found that, ordering online, I receive what appear to be brand new pieces, whereas in stores I've been shown items that have quite obviously been handled a lot, with surface scratches etc. The whole shopping in store experience is nice, but frankly I'd rather have a truly brand new item when I'm paying brand new prices.
  12. I have never ordered online, I think I like the instant gratification of going to the LV boutique. I order alot of things LV just isnt one of them. Not to say I wouldnt though.
  13. I have bought all my items on line except for one bag. I like that the hardware still has the plastic protection over it. They take them off in the store and that just bothers me. I know it's silly!!
  14. I buy everything in store... I like the experience of going in and picking it out and it gives me a chance to drool at all the other bags!
  15. I prefer online. I'll try some stuff at the store & order it online.