What item should I consider on shopping trip?

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  1. Going to Houston Galleria mall where there is a "real" LV, unlike here it is located in Saks and Neiman Marcus. I wanted to pick up something in the $650 range. Any ideas would be appreciated!!😊
  2. Eva clutch?

  3. Thanks for the idea, but it's a little out if my price range.😉
  4. Sunglasses, Mini Pochette, Key Pouch or leather bracelet?
  5. Regular Pochette.

  6. Thanks for the ideas. Already have a mini pochette, but will keep the other ones in mind.😊
  7. Shoes!

  8. Another good idea!! Thanks☺️
  9. Shawl, key holder, coin purse, agenda, Emilie or Josephine wallet..

  10. Never thought of that!!! I wonder if they carry narrow widths?
  11. Zippy coin purse! All styles are under 650 and it has become indispensable to me. Used it 2 weeks straight. Or Emillie wallet, perhaps some fashion jewelry? Love the earring stud trios!
  12. toiletry pouch or cosmetic pouch; agenda; bandeau; checkbook; pen holder (i really like SLGs, ha)

  13. All good ideas!! How am I going to choose???😜

  14. Already have the cosmetic pouch. Probably will be getting a SLG.😊

  15. Definitely need to look into zippy coin purse. Have only seen them on website.😊