What item of clothing gets you the most compliments?

  1. Me, not sure to be honest.
  2. Jeans and pencil skirts.
  3. Outerwear and jewelry.

    I have a good many
    -long, black wool trench coat with hood
    -Esprit long black wool coat with faux fur collar and cuffs
    -mid-length red pinstriped velvet coat, looks sort of cavalier
    -short black jacket with patches and oversized cuffs
    -white winter coat with red stripes down sides and fur-trim hood

    As far as my jewelry goes, almost everything I have is handmade or rare/discontinued, except for my earrings. Almost all my rings were handmade, my charm I wear all the time and it's twin were handmade over 10 years ago. I also make some jewelry. I have a few charms I bought stock, but those are outnumbered by all the
    handmade or rare things I have.
  4. to be honest, it's my cheap funky jewelry! and when i say cheap, i mean, $4.99 necklaces at h&m! lol. for some reason, i get compliments on those the most since i own a lot of costume jewelry.
  5. My Via Spiga slingbacks and my hot pink swarvoski Hello Kitty watch, hehe
  6. Skirts, I have several that I get a lot of compliments for.
  7. shoes, hats, & necklaces
  8. My beige Tod's slingbacks.
  9. My DvF-wrap dress and jackets from Dolce & Gabbana.
  10. My Chanel coat :love:
  11. I've got so many, but off the top of my head:

    * My bright red Alice McCall trenchcoat
    * Turquoise Alice McCall Maiden Prayer Dress
  12. Either my Primp jackets since you rarely ever see anyone with them (especially the ones with the one icon on the bottom left on the back of the jacket), or my new white Juicy Couture peacoat. I always feel so polished when I wear that coat.
  13. I bought an ivory wool coat from BCBG Max Azria in November, and it gets me compliments everywhere. Even though I consider myself to be very stylish, strangers rarely pay me compliments on my attire. But this coat sure brings them in for some reason!
  14. ^^ Lol..same thing happens to me!!
  15. Pencil skirt and corset, teamed with heels:yes: