What it the first thing....

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  1. You do when you bring home a brand new pretty bag!?
  2. Take pictures and send it to all my girl friends. Then stare at it for hours thinking about what occasions to use it for. :smile:
  3. Hmmm take it out of its packaging when baby n DH are asleep, stare at it.. Stuff it.. Stare at it.. Take pics of it...Place in dustbag..put it on purse shelf.. Dream about it... :biggrin:
  4. Take pics. Send to my gf's, post my reveal here, then use it!
  5. Take it into my room, hopefully no one see what I came home with. Then lock the door behind me, take pictures and look at it. Put it in the dust bag and box, then in to the closet it goes. Post my purchase here. Dream :sleepy: about it at night.
  6. I take it out of the box, put all my SLG's inside, then I try on different outfits with it if I'm carrying it the next day.
  7. I stare at it, take a pic of it, and put it on it's self :smile:
    I used to get so excited but I guess I'm over-indulged now ;)
  8. I smell it. No lies. :P
  9. Show it to my kids and tell them how much I paid so they don't sell it at a yard sale for $1.00 after I die..
    No joke!
  10. Check every square inch of it under 'normal' lighting to make sure it's perfect. I try to look it over in the store without looking too weird or taking too long but the lighting in my store is SO terrible.

  11. Lol this is the best post I've come across!!

  12. Too funny!
  13. Take pics for GFs, put all my stuff in it and post here if I'm not lazy.
  14. The lighting in my store is terrible too!
  15. I do too !!!!