What it takes for you to wake up!

  1. let's see who are the deep and light sleepers here!

    tell us what it takes for you to wake up!

    i need 4 alarms + lots of hitting the snooze button! :supacool:
  2. i need 3 alarms, a screaming house mate or a delivery of a bag from the post LOL
  3. I'm definitely a light sleeper. Everytime Bart turns around I wake up. I can't sleep with the TV on and it has to be DARK in my room before I can fall asleep. I even block the light from my alarm clock with my remote control so that it's not too bright in my room :smile:

    I wake up when my alarm goes off, but I can tell that I'm still tired because I shake while I'm peeing, lmao! My morning is timed by the minute, so I don't have time to hit the snooze button ;)
  4. first time my alarm goes off i need to turn on the TV to keep my attention and stop me from going back to sleep
  5. My baby's cry... No matter how tired I am, her tiny voice seems like a siren in the middle of the night. :biggrin:
  6. :drool::roflmfao::roflmfao:

    Bag delivery would definitely wake me up!!! unfortunately no such experience yet =(

  7. I guess I'm a fairly light sleeper, I just use my cell phone alarm to wake me up.
  8. my cat punching me in the face usually does it.
  9. ^:roflmfao:

    Yeah, my dog jumping onto my bed and climbing all over my face pretty much wakes me up!
  10. I'm a deep sleeper but I'm pretty good about getting up. I start my day every day at 4:30am to get my workout in. My body is used to this..I've been doing it for years. It's as if my body has it's own clock.
  11. wow. you are my hero! I just bought a treadmill but don't get on until the afternoon!
  12. I have to put my alarm clock across the room or I will just turn it off. Even with it across the room I still hit the snooze button for a half-hour or so. :shocked:

    I am very difficult to wake up, unless it's my son. Then I jump awake like a mad-woman.
  13. I set my alarm clock for an hour before I need to get up. It's pathetic really. I'm a night owl but I work days. Sooo... most days I barely have time to do everything I need to do before I leave! I am trying to work on this, but I have suffered w/ insomnia since I was a kid- no joke!
  14. My cell phone alarm or my phone ringing at 9:30 cause its usually my boss, especially on my days off. Ugh!
  15. OMG that's so awesome!! I wish i had that discipline!!!