What "IT" bag do you suggest?

  1. Hello all
    I have a budget of USD 1,200. What IT bag do you suggest that I should buy? Thanks

  2. i would said balenciaga city :p cause i'm biased
  3. The Louis Vuitton Pomme D'Amour Coeur... $350

    and the Louis Vuitton Roxbury$900?(?)

    What KIND of bag do you need or what do you plan on using it for? Either way, try to get a hold of one of the colors of the hearts!
  4. Personally, I wouldn't get an "it" bag. I'd get a bag you're going to love for years and years.
  5. A classic "it" bag for all time: LV Speedy in Monogram Canvas or a black quilted Chanel purse with gold hardware.
  6. Chloe Silverado Doctor bag!
  7. Balenciaga...you'll have the most bang for your buck. Bbags are the chameleons of handbags...you can dress it up and dress it down...if you like to change your look, it will go along with you. For example, one day I like to dress up in 60's mini-dresses and the next day, i put on edgy, punky clothes. And the Bbag never fails to match! I also use my Black part-time Balenciaga as my work bag, and it totally outshines everyone else's work totes at the office ...
  8. Does it have to be an it-bag? I would say Balenciaga:heart: but again I am biased ..
  9. Give us your style , do you like hobos or totes? or do you like to carry your bag by handles? Do you want to use the bag everyday ? Does it have to be functional as well as look good? I have a few in that price range I could recomend but I need to know what you like
  10. I would go classic if you do already have a sizeable collection...LV all the way!
  11. *sigh*
    I can't give suggestions if I dont' know what it is going to be used for.
    Are you looking for an "afternoon with friends" bag or a "go on vacation" or a "haul every day" or "special evening out" or...

    All the different bags have different needs they fufill.
  12. I like the quilted Chanel purse but it has always been pricy. Think I will look for a pre-owned piece if I can. Thanks for the suggestion. I will keep this in mind.

  13. bbag!!!!!! but like seahorse i am biased as well.
  14. balenciaga of course. doesnt matter what purpose you have, bbags fit all occasions.

    like the ladies, im a bit biased too :p
  15. I intend to have an big casual-smart bag that can be used for work and weekends. Good if it can also be suited for travel, and that would mean a zip top, no open external pockets and light.
    Just give you some ideas what my style is, I have a chocolate YSL Muse oversized, Brown Mulberry Emmy and White/canvas Gucci Pelham. Thanks for all the responses so far.