What "IT BAG" did you purchase but realized it just wasn't for you?

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  1. So I really like the Alexander Wang Rockie bag. I think it's really cool and edgy. I love that you can wear it on the shoulder, crossbody, or handheld etc. But most of all I love the lambskin and the studs on the bottom! I see so many women in NYC carrying this bag and I always admired it so I decided to get one for myself. I was so excited to get the bag and then I didn't like it anymore. I realized that although it's a great bag, it isn't really my style and I sold it. That "IT BAG" wasn't for me.

    What "IT BAG" wasn't for you?
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  2. Good question

    I almost got to the point to the purchase of a few through the years but happily not quite. Still gorgeous bags but not for me.

    The Fendi Spy for the simple reason I couldn't get the brown nobbly lambskin version I wanted

    The Celine Luggage was everything I wanted - until everyone else wanted it too and I just stepped away

    Prada Fairy was all the rage - while I was travelling, I didn't get to even try.
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  3. Fendi Spy bag....I fell in love with the look & style. Once I talked myself into getting one, I was so excited & just plain giddy with anticipation. Once it arrived, I carried it a few time & realized it was not the bag for me. I wound up giving it to my SIL, who realized it wasn't her style either, so she wound up passing it along to her daughter who still carries it from time to time today.
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  4. Hermes Evelyne- got more than 1, loved them at the time, then saw so many other people around me get it, so that was it for me- sold them.
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  5. Great thread! Mine was the Prada Saffiano Lux double zip bag. Just got too ubiquitous. Plus I realized I don't really care for Saffiano leather. I'll admit that I still like the look of the bag (I do like structured bags with clean lines) and if I had gotten it in black or gray instead of bright orange, I might still have it. But the color plus the trendiness of the bag made me feel like a big orange traffic cone every time I carried it.
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  6. Fendi Spy!!!! Yes!!! That's another one that I loved but it just didn't work for me either!!!
  7. I went through a phase where all my bags were covered in logos. Now, I have since gotten rid of most of my logo bags and realized those aren't really my style.

    However, I too have considered the rockie and realized that it is too darn heavy. The nordstrom anni sale has a rockie hobo that is so cute but I know it would kill my shoulder.
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  8. Trendy
    Fendi B Bag - hard to get into
    Gucci Mini Soho Disco - too small

    But I've also had non trendy bags that weren't keepers like the Chanel Ultimate Soft.
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  9. Chloé Baby Paddington - too small for the unwieldy heavy lock (lovely leather, though). It is still in consignment.
    YLS Muse - I thought it would be the perfect workhorse. However, when I opened the box my heart just sank and I disliked almost everything about it. Luckily, I was able to sell it at no loss.
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  10. Gucci Soho Disco

    I loved the bag when I purchased it because I thought this will finally encourage me to downsize all the stuff I put into my bags. Instead I kept struggling on how few items I have to live without when I'm outside. This created a bit of anxiety in me that I'm constantly in need of something that I left out. Sold it and decided maybe the Coach Mini Preston would be a good fit since it was slightly bigger than the Ddisco. Nope couldn't do it either. I still think the Disco is a wonderful classic bag (not trendy at all) that just doesn't fit my lifestyle unfortunately.
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  11. Such a great thread!! I really "love" buying it bags in that I couldn't really resist them for a long time.. But I am getting better;) so here goes:
    - orange Fendi 2 Jours - like it but the color - not me at all..
    - light blue YSL muse - not my bag and again the color
    - YSL easy bag - just not for me
    - bright red A wang rockie - never wore it bc of the heavy studs and again color, do you guys see a pattern here;)
    - bordeaux A Wang Brenda and hobo with studs on the bottom - so far I've regretted every Wang purchase
    - my newest regret: white Valentino My Rockstud - love it and the color, but after a year still has the tag on it and for now have not been able to sell it..
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  12. Love this thread! I have many in this category unfortunately. The ones that stand out:

    Balenciaga City and all other bags in that line - love the edgy look but just didn't work for me. Kept my 2004 Twiggy though - amazing leather and I wanted to have one oldie but goodie Bal relic.

    LV multi-color Speedy...was never comfortable with the flashy look...just not me...sold while they were still popular.

    Mulberry Bayswater. Too heavy and flap bags don't work for me. Sold.

    Proenza Schouler PS1. Again, flap opening was no good for me. Trying to open/close it annoyed me. Sold.
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  13. Quite a few, unfortunately...

    Bought a lovely Falabella 3 strap. Couldn't get on with it and sold it; bought a small tote (just 2 straps) I like much better.

    Wang inside out Rockie in Petrol (Green) with silver studs. Beautiful to look at but too awkward and heavey for me.

    White Petticoat OS Alexa. Again, beautiful, but I don't baby my bags so WTH was I thinking buying such a light colour? It's almost new and now for sale :sad: Which I'd bought another regular Alexa in a darker colour instead.
  14. I always liked the Falabella but never purchased because I felt it would just look silly on me.

    The PS1 is a nice bag, but always looked complicated so I stayed away
  15. Although I own flap bags, I find that I would prefer a non-flap bag over a flap bag. I feel like the process of getting to your stuff is just adding an extra step and an extra layer of complexity instead of simply reaching in. For example, if the flap opens to your body, you kind of have to keep it propped up to have a clear view of your stuff. Anyway, I still use mine but I think logistically I prefer my zip tops etc.