what isyour idea of beauty?

  1. ladies what is beauty in your eye sight ? we are all beautiful in one way or another im just curious to know what your idea of beauty really is lets be real if you could look any way you want what would it be ?
  2. 5'6", 120 lbs, small C breasts. Same face & hair.
    Permanent hair removal!:nuts:
  3. I think that all people have beautiful qualities (internally), but I am not a believer that all people are beautiful (externally).

    I feel kinda rude saying that, but that is what I honestly believe. I think that there are few truly beautiful women in the world.

    I feel that Grace Kelly, Giselle Bunchen, Heidi Klum, etc. are my idea of what beauty is.
  4. as long as it's not annoying to my eyes that's beautiful. I love effortless beauty.Natural looking. Not too much make-up, surgery whatsoeevr. Face imperfections are fine sometimes it becomes one's asset.As long as it's not so strange/scary looking.
  5. Liv Tyler. I think she has the most stunning face.
  6. If I sould look like I wanted I'd be my same height (5'2") but 104 pds (I'm currently 113) w/ toned muscles and bugger boobs... maybe a small C. I love my butt, but my thighs would have to be smaller and I want blonder highlights that don't turn orange! O and I'd have a slightly smaller nose:p
  7. Beauty in my eyes is confidence not cockiness, I'm a sucker for that! Honesty, a great big heart, being able to give without thought of reciprocation. My daughter's laughter and her innocence. And Pam Anderson.
  8. I think beauty means different things to different people. I think people that are exotic looking are beautiful. Aesthetically, for the most part, I don't find the whole white blond hair, implants, fake tan look attractive. Too cookie cutter for my liking. Like Hugh Hefner's girlfriends. Just tacky, but apparently it sells magazines. As for men, I find tall and dark to apply to what I am attracted to.
  9. I think confidence and a good personality mean beauty. You don´t have to look Hollywood perfect to be beautiful. Now, arrogance and bad character can destroy the most stunning beauties.
  10. I think beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. and in different forms. I think Paula Dean is gorgeous for example, with a shining personality, but she certaily doesn't fit into typical standards. I also think Cameron Diaz is gorgeous, she is more typical, even tho tons of people don't think she's attractive at all. So beautiful doesn't always mean skinny and perfect. Howeverrrr if i could look any way I liked, the answer to your question would be Cameron, or Gisele or something like that.

  11. I agree
  12. Recently deceased, highly underrated actor Calvin Lockhart, is my ideal of beauty. Not many people know about him, but I think I was his biggest fan. At his height of popularity, which occured during the late sixties and early to mid seventies, I think that he was the best looking man to have ever existed. I always hoped to meet him before he died, and when I was in the Bahamas I actually tried to find him, believe it or not. I haven't seen a man since who's even close to looking that good.

    I know that most people have never heard of him, so I'll try to take a picture of him and post it later.

    And it might sound cliched, but I think my BF is beautiful, and even more so when he was my age (that was 15 or 16 years ago). I've seen pictures and I wish so much that I'd known him back then, because now I have him set as the bar by which I measure the attractiveness of men. Him and Calvin Lockhart. And they look NOTHING alike.

    I don't think about female beauty too much, but I base female attractiveness on whether or not I'd want to look like her, and I think that Jill Marie Jones (former Dallas Cowgirl and former star of the TV sitcom "Girlfriends") is one of the few women I'd want to look like...she's just stunning.

    Of course, I love the way I look. Oh, sure, I'm not perfect, and I could use some "work" in a few areas, but I think that I clean up EXTREMELY well. But that's just good self-esteem...or conceit. I think I'm beautiful. LOL. I just wish more people did.

    I also think that, when she was my age, my mother was beautiful. I wouldn't mind looking the way she did. In fact, she's still an attractive woman, and she's aged very well. And it's more realistic for me to want to look like my mother than opposed to, say, a celebrity.
  13. I think to be beautiful your heart has to match your looks. There are a lot of gorgeous women that are just plain mean and don't have any good in them. I don't find those women beautiful. I consider Kate Beckinsale and Angelina Jolie to be beautiful, although I don't find Angelina to be that attrative but she's a beautiful person.
  14. If we are just talking about the literal meaning of what one considers beautiful then I would have to say...Liya Kebede, Iman, Angela Bassett, Nia Long, Gabrielle Union.........All beautiful and natural beauties. This is what I consider beautiful. Of course, I could list so many others but these are tops on my list.

    Natural beauty is best. I think that all people have beautiful features inside and out of course but honestly there are some who are just beautiful all around and MOST would agree that they are beautiful. There is no question. I think Heidi Klum also falls into this category....perhaps Chalize Theron. They are striking. There is something about them that will turn anyones head-----male and female.

    My mother who is 74 is so beautiful. I mean she is beautiful to the point that this is the first thing people say to her when they meet her--men and women. She's always been a natural beauty. I emulate her and only her...LOL. Today at 74 she has long white hair that she keeps styled perfectly...lol and her skin looks like she isn't a day over 50.
  15. My idea of beauty, I think, could be just about anyone that looks like they take good care of themselves such as well-groomed, healthy, etc. Does that sound stupid? A woman doesn't have to be drop dead gorgeus but if shes fit, trim, she can be beautiful whether she's wearing a gown or jeans. I can't think of any examples right now though, LOL. As for me, I wish I didn't have this bump in my nose and that my boobs were bigger!