What isn't a "deal breaker" for you anymore?

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  1. I was thinking back over my deal breaker list from a past tpf thread & realized that I've changed my mind on a few things.
    I said I don't carry gold hw bags, but now I have a phoebe, saffiano tote, duffle, rory & 2 MK bags w/ gold hw.
    I said I don't like bags w/ compartments, but now I'm a "phoebeliever"! :smile:
    I wasn't into loud colored bags, but I adore my uv duffle & bright coral rory.
    But the other things like animal print, fur, suede, patent, patchwork, crazy Cs, sequins, satchel only carry & breakaway zippers are still deal breakers for me.

    What about you? What bags have made you change your "deal breaker list"?
  2. My main deal breaker that's changed recently is similar to yours about loud colored bags. I used to limit myself to colors that were at least close to being neutrals so that they'd be versatile, and simple designs for the same reason...but eventually I just couldn't resist all the bright, pretty colors anymore, lol. It might have been vermillion borough that completely broke my resolve :love:
  3. *Never liked GOLD hardware either but had to break my rule for Teal twisted Phoebe and Campbell Bordeaux Satchel! I also would like to get Phoebe in Birch w/ gold hardware if that color ever goes to FOS.
    *Break away zippers bug me,but I had to buy the Mini Tanner anyway...Love that bag, and know I don't mind the zipper
    *Hobos, always liked crossbody option, until my Phoebe and Archival Bucket Bag...

    I think you have to be flexible and try new things.....NEVER SAY NEVER...BECAUSE YOU NEVER KNOW! lol
  4. No longer a deal breaker:

    Lack of zippered top
    Fabric bag
    Bright colors
    Patterned bags
    Light colors
    Men's bags (blame the blue bleecker business tote)
    Bags over $100
    Full price bags (uh oh... I did not just say that! :P )
  5. I actually jstarted reconsidering patent just last night after seeing Dooney and Bourke's Zip Zip Satchel. It is so cute! I can't believe I'm thinking about a patent bag. This bag is so nice.
  6. Breakaway zippers or the lack of a secure closure.
  7. Phoebe and the compartments. Who knew. Lol
  8. I used to be wary of interior zippers that weren't trimmed with leather. I was worried the fabric might eventually rip from the zipper being opened and closed. As we already know, Coach doesn't generally trim their interior zippers. After actually owning Coach without issues, I no longer about untrimmed zippers.
  9. Yes, but I love it when I get an older bag that has it. It seems so much more luxurious.
  10. Small bags. Wouldn't get near 'em before. Now it's practically all I want to add to my collection! Especially small Sadies!!!
  11. I used to carry only crossbody or shoulder bags.
    I just never thought of other way of carrying a bag.
    But Lindsey and Sophia totally changed it and now I LOVE satchel, carrying on my crook of my arm.
  12. I just purchased a to-die-for tote with the dog clasp...swore I would ONLY buy totes with zippers! Well- I definitely broke that and I don't care- love my new tote!
  13. That Thompson Legacy Flap that I just got has that! It is very nice. Liebskind bags do this too. It is one of those things that I've noticed but didn't notice, if you know what I mean....
  14. Bright coloured bags. I still remember walking into a Coach store several times within a week a couple of years ago (was visiting the US) and debating between a black cherry duffle or a different coloured duffle (most likely black or navy or something darker), with the main reason against getting the black cherry being that it was bright (!). But I got the black cherry and love it and now also have marine and dark plume coloured bags!
  15. Crossbody and small bags. I use to always have a bag that I could shove everything in. Now I love the ease and simplicity of the crossbodies and smaller bags.

    Also, I have changed my take on fabric bags. I use to be a leather-only gal, but I love the ocelot print and some of the other fabric bags.