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  1. Hey guys, could you help me out here, there's the song by Mary J. Blige "Enough Cryin'" where the lyrics mentioned a Marc Jacobs Fi Fi Bag. Fee Fee? I'm not sure the spelling.. I'm wondering is that a type of bag and what does it look like, I don't follow Marc Jacobs so I haven't a clue. Thanks in advanced!
  2. I was curious so I looked up the lyrics at a few places including azlyrics, lyricsforall, sing365, seeklyrics, and they all have the spelling as, "Shoulda Marc Jacob/Fe Fe bag me." so what does this mean? I have no idea. sorry!!
  3. My impression was she sang "Shudda Marc Jacobs, BV bagged me" with BV referring to Bottega Veneta.

    Wow, maybe I need to tell my bf I need a BV!!!
  4. I thought she said Phoebe bag me.
  5. I think she is using "Fe Fe" to say high end bags. Not just MJ but any high end bag. I call my sister Fe Fe all the time because she is high maintenance, always decked out, etc.
  6. I was thinking the "Fe Fe" meant Fendi no? :huh:
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