What is.....

  1. the must have high end brand shoe? I want to get my first pair of really high end shoes and was wondering what the best brand to invest in would be? Thanks for any help!!!!
  2. OK..I have a huge collection of many designers.Yet I have to say out of all of them...The Chanels hold up FOREVER.If u buy a classic style..they never go out of style too..Im investing 1100 in a short pair of Chanel boots I adore.Normally..I wouldnt spend that much on boots..BUT CHANELS ARE worth every penny!
  3. I think it's somehow depend on what kind of shoes you are looking for? Dress shoes, casual shoes, or work shoes??
  4. Im on a Christian Louboutin spree lately...so i will have to say Christian Louboutin as my first pick...then Jimmy Choo, Manolo Blanik, Gucci....
  5. I would have to say Christian Louboutin too, I also adore Chanel, Chloe, Miu Miu, Prada , Bottega Venetta, Dior, Marni and Marc Jacobs Collection shoes
  6. I personally love CL, dior and fendi and an occasional gucci.
    But everyone's feet's different, go for one that you are most in love with. Afterall, the shoes are on your feet.
  7. I love CL for heels and adore Miu2 or Lanvin flats :heart:
  8. Depends on what you're looking for. I favor Louboutins because they are classics in a sexy yet tasteful way. Coming behind are Choos, Gucci, and Dior.
  9. I would say too that it depends on what styles you like. I really like Blahniks but can't seem to find a pair that fit me (wide feet). I would surf the net before shopping and see what you fall in love with. I would start with something in a classic style, see how comfortable they are depending on designer, etc. I'm sure you can get many ideas here thats for sure. Good luck and can't wait to see your purchase!
  10. A classic Mary Jane pump by any designer will stay with you for years. Manolo Blahnik makes lovely ones that aren't trendy.
  11. I love Manolo and Gucci :heart:
  12. I want heels, not too high and can go with jeans as I wear those a lot. Gotta be comfy.

    Thanks for the brand name suggestions....off to research on the web.
  13. I love dior and gucci shoes.
  14. jimmy choo
  15. Well after much researching I have found tons I love from several of the brands mentioned but not yet found the ones.....guess I have to do some in person testing :greengrin:

    Any suggestions of stores the would carry any of these brands mentioned above?