What is.....

  1. the difference between the carryall and a satchel. Is it size? or shape? or whatever. I need help....
  2. a little bit of shape- but i think the biggest difference is the zipper. (correct me if i'm wrong)- but i have a carryall and it's only got a zipper going across the very top and the two sides that zip together separate when not zipped. looks like the satchel completely zips closed the bag.
  3. i think you are right kallison
  4. Kallison,
    So the carryall has the fold down zipper and the satchel has the one that goes all the way across. So the satchel is not as roomy, or no? Wonder if it rubs your hand and scratches it when your reaching for something. I don't like that :0(
  5. basically, yeah. i rarely zip up my carryall (it's a pita to zip, lol). i think the satchel is more roomy- BUT the zipper thing scratching me is what i hate about my mia...it's not too bad, but it's somethign to consider.
  6. Thank you, you made my desicion easy!!
  7. you gonna get a carryall?
  8. I totally agree. I have the Mia and I do not like the way the zipper is. I cannot see the pockets inside because it does not open wide enough or something. It's hard to see inside the bag.
  9. ^after all i went through to find that darn magenta mia, i'm gonna make myself love every part of it, lol!
  10. Also, the Carry-alls are usually taller in height, and you can fir them over your shoulder.
  11. Carryall it will be, for me! LOL
  12. this lil post here is full of awsome advice givverzzzz lol just thought i'd compliment you all at the consistant good info!