What is.....

  1. the cutest key fob or charm that you think Coach has made?
    New or old....:graucho:
  2. i love my key fob, the men's leveler?

    i think i mentioned it before, i've brought it six maybe seven times, lost count, that's how much i love it.

    there was also one that was a outline of a heart, with crystals making that outline. it was last year? or earlier this year? can't remember. i only brought one because that was all that was left. kinda sad b/c i lost that one (duh i lose everything :sad:) and can't buy anymore
  3. For me it has to be the multi handbag charm keyfob. It's too cute!
  4. I have tons of fobs, and adore the crystal ones, although eventually they loose a crystal or two. So I'm going to have to go with the teeny tiny standard photo books - all prints for all purses, and photos of your loved ones inside.
  5. I love the patent leather ladybug key fob with sparkly eyes from...I don't know how long ago now.
  6. I like this one too. :yes:
  7. my bf loves this one (haha my mom got it for his bday)
    Coach - LEVEL KEYFOB

    haha its so much fun to play with!!!

    my mom loves this one:

    because she can seperate her keys

    and my brother has one sort of like that but it is a circle with coach written in it....

    I dont have a coach key chain, but i love my tiffanys one! :smile:...actually i have
    this one:
    but all of the letters are in diamonds...i bought it to put on one my red leather hobos to glam it up a bit :smile:
    Pics 085.jpg
  8. I love the sandals! But right now, my favorite is the Skull! It fits my style :smile:

  9. hehehe mybrother got me that one a long time ago but the cell phone lanyard version!! I never put it on my celll phone because i had a cute gucci one that matched my phone better butttt i recently found the best use for it!!! check it out!!!

    Its attached to my usb drive!!!! hehe :smile: hey i got excited!!! :smile:
    Pics 092.jpg
  10. I got the Legacy colored snaps/buttons one for xmas and I love it. I attached it to my LV white multicolor cles and it goes perfectly!
  11. lol! wow, that's amazing! i got it for my little sister. *sigh* of course, she'd never give it back
  12. haha thanks....STEAL it back!
  13. I love all the photo keyfobs & charms!
  14. I have a fairly old one that's a magenta heart and you could put a picture in it. It has sentimental value because my mom got it for me unexpectedly [i wanted just a regular heart keychain for my car keys]. :smile: