What Is??

  1. your all time favorite Coach handbag that you own? I only have 2. I have the carryall and the Mia. I love both, but the carryall is easier to get into.
  2. Well, my favorite can change depending on my mood :wacko: Right now my favorite is the gallery tote and no matter what I switch to I always end up coming back to my gallery. I have two now, last years model in black on black and the mahogany patent. Love em!!
  3. I love my legacy shoulder bags - I have 3 :shame:
  4. Right now my favorite is my legacy bag! But my alltime favorite is my Daphney satchel in pewter!
  5. ^^ :p that used to be my all time favorite too!!

    Right now it's the vintage carryalls. I have a pink one and am dying for a cognac one.
  6. honestly, i love each of my bags for different reasons, and they are all my favorites. i have a couple which i want to sell, and i still love them, but they were impulse purchases, and/or aren't getting much use.

    if i had to pick one, it would be my ergo tote or carly.
  7. magenta mia!
  8. I'd have to say my Legacy Ali. I love that bag!
  9. Wow, that's a hard one. I love them all for different reasons (like blackbutterly said). But if I HAD to give them all up and just have one, it would be my brown/brass signature Gallery tote since it can serve so many different purposes for me. Although, my black signature Mandy is quickly earning a special place in my heart for her versatility.
  10. I LOVE all my bags but my favorite is my khaki/mahogany Ergo Sig Tote! Its the perfect bag for me! :yes:
  11. My favorite bag is my Metallic Khaki Signature Satchel. I got it last August. It works out so well because of all the pockets. I even got the matching wallet just last month. Both were outlet finds and awesome deals in my opinion (the bag was about $150 and the wallet was $55).
  12. I have two favorites: my Legacy shoulder bag, and pleated hobo.
  13. My ali in whiskey and white soho leather zip satchel, which I'm planning to use soon cuz the weather is starting to warm up here.
  14. Love Love Love!!! Wish I would have gotten one. :drool:
  15. I rotate alot between my Coach and LVs. Lately for me it's been all about my black/white Signature Stripe Tote. But I also really love my khaki/ebony Legacy Shoulder Bag.