What is your "work horse" LV bag ????

  1. The LV bag I use on a daily basis and gets a beating from normal usage is my BH.
    What do you use as your workhorse bag ????
  2. cabas piano and neo cabby...i carry these for months straight!
  3. it has been my neverful mm, the only problem is it doesn't have alot of pockets, so i'm using a lesportsac make up bag and also recently bought the damier azur pouchette to put my cellphone/wallet/coin purse/swipe card and other miscellaneous stuff in.
  4. My BH and my MOCA Neverfull MM. They're the perfect size for my notebooks and textbooks for school.
  5. Love, love, love my cabas mezzo! It is easy to carry, and it holds tons. The only down side is that you have to be careful with the vachetta bottom, but it is not bad now that it has started to patina.
    The other bags that I have been using tons is my neo cabby. It is great for everyday use.
  6. My first "work horse" was monogram speedy 30- My 1st LV and had it with me for quite a while before selling.

    In between, I was using all sorts of bags until I found naviglio. navilgio in damier- used it for 2-3 years before retiring.

    Then, neverful GM- used it for 6 months ( I have issues with vachetta- difficult to maintain) and sold it.

    Now, Marina GM in blue- has been with me for 3 months, perfect for my work!
  7. I usually change bags almost every day (sometimes more) but since I purchased my damier ebene speedy 30, I use it about 5 out of 7 days per week! I bought a BH a few months ago, but then once the rainy season came, I packed it away. I'm picky about my vachetta, lol. So, at least for the winter I would have to say my Speedy! On nice days or in the warm weather it will likely be my BH.
  8. Cabas Mezzo with the Speedy 30 as a close second. I'm looking forward to the watercolor 30 stepping into that role this summer!
  9. for years it was my petit noe, but lately i've been carrying clutches.
  10. neverfull GM for school or damier speedy 30 for life in general, lol
  11. speedy 30 followed by PH and neocabby mm in black.....
  12. Bastille every single day for school.
  13. it has been my tivoli gm for the past 3 months, before that it was cabos mezzo
  14. BH and more recently Saleya GM azur
  15. Neverfull MM or Damier Speedy 30