What is your white ....

  1. summer time bag ?
  2. Im contemplating the Coach white Ali. I love it!
  3. I have the Tano Stevie Kicks in navajo white.
  4. I have a white Marc Jacobs Blake....holds everything...love it!
  5. mine is the Marc Jacobs small multipocket in fuschia!
  6. Gucci Blondie Hobo
  7. Lanvin Maxi-Miss in white lambskin.
  8. [​IMG]LV Epi Passy GM
  9. [​IMG]LV L'Aimable
    [​IMG]LV Suhali Lockit!
  10. Jano by Anja Flint, Carter bag. The polka dot scarf is mine, just trying to figure out a way to protect the handles.
  11. Gerard Darel.
  12. Hayden-Harnett Havana Hobo in Chalk
  13. chanel expandable
  14. Thanks for starting this thread!

    I want to share my early Mother's Day gift from Marshall's; this is definitely my white summertime bag!

    Certain details made me fall in love with it when I saw it: the slouchiness of this full grain leather, the double flap pushlock design... the sturdy satin lining was ultimately the deciding factor -- there is nothing like reaching into a bag, feeling the lining and ooh the love :tender: kwim:love:

    Petusco satchel
    Made in Spain
    petusco1.jpg petusco2.jpg petusco3.jpg
  15. this looks like a cozy bag for summer :smile: thanks for posting.