What is your ultimate PET PEEVE???

  1. -Lazy people
    -Using words in the wrong context
    -Pronouncing salmon incorrectly. It is NOT SALMON its pronounced SAMON!!!!!:push:
    -People who come to talk to me at work when I'm trying to eat:noggin:
    -Calling LV date codes "serial numbers":rant:
  2. Bathroom talkers. :wtf:

    I don't go to the bathroom to talk, I go to the bathroom to do my business in private. If I wanted to chit chat, I would stop by someone's office, not try to talk to them when they are sitting in a bathroom stall!!
  3. I've said it before in a previous peeve thread, but I just can't resist saying it again because I am witnessing this ALL OVER THE PLACE right now:

    People who wear open-toed shoes or sandals that are TOO SMALL, so that their ugly toes hang out over the edge of the shoe onto the filthy sidewalk. And even worse, are those flip-floppers who push their feet forward and curl their toes around the front of the flop. That's attractive! :yucky:

    These two are also right on the money:

  4. I think I mentioned this in another thread.

    Girlfriends who constantly complain about their weight.
  5. :yucky:
  6. People in public contact jobs that do not speak English
    People who do not write thank you notes
    People who mispronounce my name (lifelong problem)
    People who call my dog a chihuahua when she's a terrier
    Young children in adult restaurants and at movies for adults
  7. Hm. Cant really think of any. .I guess I would say:

    + When people leave my front door wide open (esp. in the summer time!). Cant stand that, I dont like mosquitos sneaking in :push:

    + People who talk about you behind your back then try and be nice to you in your face. If you dont like me, just act like it. Dont be fake.

    + People trying to hold a conversation with me when they see I'm reading. Hate that, boys would do that to me all the time at work. Cant you see I'm reading!?
  8. People who shake their hands around after washing them at the sink at toilets... hazard to the vachetta on my LV bags! :hysteric:

    People who walk sloppily, step onto my shoes & cause some damage them! :rant:

    People who act nice in front of me but talk behind my back.

    People who only talk about themselves & about their friends's friends who I don't know & don't care about :push:
  9. make noises when eat is def. a NO-NO. my mom always told me that i'm a pig if i made noises when eating, and it still grows on me.
  10. ~dirty cars
    ~laundry build up
    ~When someone turns off my cieling fan !!!
    ~dirty kitchen
    ~dusty floors
    ~when my DH throws his underwear & socks on the loor!
    ~dirty feet
    ~nasty nails
    ~All throw pillows & cushions must be fluffed at all times, NOT FLAT!
  11. tardiness
    unruly child, and their whiny parents...'honey, please don't do that'
    over sensitive, over pc people
    no thank you notes
    people who don't have the stuff together after a long line...bank, dmv, crowded lunch line, etc.
    people with no common sense
    prejudice people
    grumpy store clerks
    my mom...lol
  12. Ignorant people are my BIGGEST pet peeve, or racists, too.. wow I can suddenly think of a lot of them lol
  13. People who don't say thank you if you hold open a door/elevator/etc for them.
    Bad drivers period.
    People that can't control their children in public places.
    People who sneeze or cough without covering their mouths
    People that cut you off when driving and then drive really slow.
    People who talk during movies whether on cell phone or to the person they are with.
    My biggest one is the posts in the bag forums where people feel the need to do a strip tease for their bags. Like a picture of the box, dustbag, tags, etc before 20 pictures before you actually see the darn bag. I know what a dust bag looks like! Also, people that post pictures of their bags in their bathrooms or rooms that they did not clean up before they took the picture and you see dirty dishes or cat litter boxes in the corner. DISGUSTING!!
    I think I am done now. LOL
  14. People who make loud chewing noises while eating....can't staaaand that.
  15. making sounds when you eat...like EXCUSE me can you get any RUDER??????????
    bad hygiene
    3. Public toilets with no disposable toilet seat covers
    ^^ awesome one :p
    ppl who do nothing but text on the cellphones instead of working.......ummm typical in schools
    loud people who think they are funny or try to be annoying
    liars.. yup yup
    there is a billion more i bet!!