What is your ultimate HG?

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  1. Not sure if this has been posted about before. I'm sure it has, but I didnt see it.

    What, if any, is your Ultimate HG? (Henceforth known as UHG)

    The one where, if found, money is no object? Where you would do ANYTHING to get one in your size?

    Mine is the Nude Patent VP with Nude Tip. If I could find one I would love it forever, money no object (ONLY with the nude tips, the others I dont want to pay over retail for.) I would probably even SLEEP in them.
  2. Today, right now (and this will probably change next time someone posts some more gorgeous pics) it's the Electric Blue Suede Declic :love:
  3. I have to say it is the wine Rolando or Rolande. But I also really really really love the glitters. But I seriously jump all over the place. I'm fickle. I share the love between the different CLs and change my HG pretty much every month.
  4. Roccia Python VP with burgandy tip. Ill take any size...38.5-39.5 Ill sleep sooo much better if I had these.
    I also want the Nude VP with gold or burgandy tip, but the Pythons come first.
  5. Stinas - Those are definitely UHG worthy. :drool::drool::drool:
  6. Stinas - ME TOO! We have the same taste in CLs. I am just waiting for the day to meet them. I don't know why I didn't buy them when I had the chance. If I find an extra pair, you are going to be the first to know.
  7. ANY & EVERYTHING, (which is like nothing), that I can fit my big a$$ feet into!
  8. My is nude patent VPs! Hopefully soon. =o)-
  9. Nude patent VP w/burgundy tip. I was literally 2 minutes too late!
  10. me three ... Roccia python VPs with burgundy tip.
  11. black patent activa w/python
  12. green leather or patent simples and blue or yellow lizard simples. i will never find them and if i do it's probably not going to be at a price i can afford. but a girl can dream. oh and stina's canvas and wood slingbacks.
  13. Nude Yoyo 85.
    Also a bright colored pump in a 70mm heel.
  14. Me too Kam..me too!
    Im dying for these. The pics that I posted were from a ebay listing that I missed out on. Very upsetting every time I look at the pics.
    You will be the first to know if I find them too!
  15. I think mine UHG are the Bronze python VPs that ashakes kam and ??(god its slipping my mind) have... But i can't break that point yet (where I can justify spending over 1000 on my shoes) hitting 700-800 was hard enough! I just really wish I was loaded so that it wouldn't matter!!!!!!!!!!!:P

    ps but yes I also am a huge fan of the nude vp with burg tip and silver NP!!!