What is your ultimate Coach bag?

  1. Given that I'm a woman on a mission with regards to the Nappa Tortillas, I'm just curious if there's anyone else out there thinking the same way that I do.

    What is your ultimate bag? That one that completely got away and now you regret it and wish that you had it. That bag that's exempted from any banning because it's just so hard to find.

    For me, it's the blue Nappa Tortilla Hobo from Spring 2004. I'd drop just about anything to find this bag. One year of searching has brought me nothing.

    (I'm looking for all of them, but it's the blue that's the ultimate item. Other than blue, pink, white, black, lime, orange and purple, did they come in other colors?)

    Oh, and even though this isn't a bag, I'm kicking myself hardcore for not buying the Glena Shoes in 2004. They're the dot heels with satin wraps at the ankles.

    I'd love to hear what everyone's ultimates are since I know they're so diverse!
  2. my ultimate is in my closet already, but she truely is my ultimate.
    the coach kimono print gallery tote from about 2004
    i love her to death!
  3. The python carly that's 4k. Unfortunately it's not in my means to pay such money for a bag. It's beautiful though

    Oh and also the watermelon coin purse, it's not a bag, but I've been going crazy trying to find it.

  4. *gasp* She's beautiful!
  5. Does it have to be one that was made?

    For me.... it is a Pond Ali... never made... but I'd die if they made one!

    Right now-- I think my Ergos are damn near close to perfect. And... Carlies are too.
  6. mine was the Mandy, but now it's on it's way from eBay, so I'm very excited.

    Other than that, I've always been after the patent leather stuff and I was all about geranium, but that didn't quite work out. Wish they made a Mandy in geranium!
  7. I didn't think ANYONE else liked this bag! I think it's AWESOME! good taste!
  8. MMmmmmm.... white or geranium Mandy.....
  9. Court:

    Congratulations on your Mandy. What color did you get it in? I am getting the Natural.

  10. My Ulitmate Bag would be the Mandy in Pond. If Coach would make it, it would be mind. Hopefully they will make the shoulder flap in the pond color for the Spring
  11. Hi Liz,

    It's the khaki sig with the black trim, should be here prob tomorrow, I'm v excited!!
  12. FREAKIN' GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. Liz, I actually had a dream about the Mandy in pond a few nights ago! How funny is that?!

    Hmmm, well for bags that were made in the past that i still want to get my hands on, I'm dying to have the Poppy and white leather Gallery tote and perhaps even a little poppy/white accessory to match.

    I also really loved the Dusty rose in suede and/or leather. If i could find something in that in my price range, i'd be a very happy girl.

    If they had made a pond Mandy i definitely would have gotten it instead of the shoulder bag in a heartbeat.
  14. this is my ultimate or as i like to refer to her as the holy grail for me [​IMG]
    gosh when i find her, i dont really care i just want it!!!!!