What is your Travel Bag or should I say JetSetter Bag?

  1. Hi! I was just wondering what Handbags you ladies bring when you travel. Long & short haul flights. I'm interested to know!

    As for me, I always bring with me my Black Birkin. Its got enough space to put anything I need for long haul flights.

  2. i'm practical, i like to bring lesportsac tokidoki, or a flap tote (don't have a birkin lol), or longchamp.
  3. We just got back from our trip to Vegas and LA and used the Club Monaco Killa as my carry-on. I didn't want to use a high end designer bag to shove under the seat so I bought this bag since it looked good and was a good size. Here's a pic:
  4. I use my longchamp
  5. For clothing, an LV Keepall 50 or the Betseyville by Betsey Johnson weekender.
  6. longchamps or my vera bradley duffle. i love the fact that I can throw it in the wash if it gets dirty!
  7. I´ve used My Longchamp for a couple of times because it´s light.
  8. for luggage i used my volcom and quiksilver travel bag :P i hate to use designers luggage and know that it will be abused.
    for handheld, i carried my balenciaga purse or city
  9. Thanks for your inputs ladies!

  10. For a carry on bag, I take either my LV Keepall or my beat up Samsonite trolly that I love!

    For a handbag, it really depends where I'm going. For more casual, I take my Hermès Garden Party in toile/brown leather and always had my nylon Prada messenger bag in the suitcase. Otherwise, it all depends on my outfits and occasion.
  11. Whatever handbag I feel is appropriate for the trip + samsonite carry on.
  12. LV Speedy 35 or 40. I don't travel much but when I do, I pack really light.
  13. I just got back from a business trip in Chicago, and while I was planning on bringing my Balenciaga city, I opted for my Coach large black hobo because I was too afraid my Balenciaga would be stolen.
  14. Cabas Alto for all the goodies I need in-flight (magazines, sweater, blanket, etc.) and a smaller bag for wallet, passport, etc.
  15. I really like that bag. :yes:

    I don't use a specific bag for travel. I love travel bags so I have a bunch of them. I take short trips a lot.
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