What is your "throw around" bag?

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  1. my paddingtons and spy bags:love:
  2. My Louis Vuitton Mussette.

    I love the fact that I can wear it like a messenger. I can sling it around but i do worry about getting it wet though.
  3. My throw around bag would have to be my Gucci tote. I love it because you can wear it with anything. It is a very strong bag and can take a lot.
  4. My Kenneth Cole New York tote in black distressed leather - I've had it for years and it still looks great!
  5. Definatly my Cole Haan Sport bowling bag and Kennith Cole black tote:love:
  6. Prada nylon tote I've had for years. It's my first designer purse, which I still really love. It's probably the only designer purse I've ever carried to work. I"m too embarrased to carry others (I don't want my bosses to think they are overpaying me [​IMG], which they are not!)
  7. My Speedy 25 is my most used/thrown around bag. It is stll in amazing condition considering all the 'abuse' it takes. Poor thing.
  8. i'd say mine is probably my cerise pouchette..
  9. It would have to be my huge leather Longchamps shopping tote. It's high endurance (my Mom passed it on to me) and other than the handles being a bit erm... not so fresh looking it's still great! :love:
  10. My speedy 25!!
  11. My Chloe paddington and Prada messenger. I love them!
  12. My Prada nylon messenger bag and my pink Longchamp tote - so easy to wipe clean and no worries in the rain! Love it!
  13. Speedy 30 although it's new. It's my new toy so I just can't put it down.
  14. My Burberry barrel and damier papillon 30.
  15. Prada messenger! -- which I noted was the response of a few others as well. I also used it as a "diaper bag" when my son was an infant, and it still serves me well. :P