What is your "throw around" bag?

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  1. This is funny!!! And true for me too....my bags have to have a "coming out" moment when I think DH can accept it....since I've been selling a lot of bags lately, I guess my "don't worry" bag would be my black Balenciaga first.....mostly because it's black and easy and casual - I love it! I do have a speedy 25 but I think I'm saving that for dd now (who's only 12)....I also love my Longchamp nylon in black w/black for really throwing around!
  2. Mono piano bag, I bought it used just for that purpose.. and i love that i dont worry.I totally enjoy carrying the bag and look after it but i dont worry about snow or rain.
    ( i never put it down in water or on snow) but i just dont worry about the weather while carrying it.

  3. There are still some up on ebay occasionally- it sold out at BR pretty quick.
    BRs first foray into better leathers.
  4. Mine is my Black Botkier Trigger in pebbled leather. I just can't seem to make this bag look "un-new" no matter how hard I try.

    I use my Balenciaga or my new Edith when the weather is clear - otherwise it's my Botkier that I know I can't mess up no matter how hard I try!
  5. I normally use a plastic bag from the 99 cent store. Not only is it very stylistic with its bright colors and big 99 logo but it's also very durable and water proof!
  6. My "throw around" bag is a cheap tote bag I got from JC Penny's for $40. I use it when it rains. I baby anything that costs over $100.
  7. My speedy 25.
  8. my bulga
  9. my burberry tote and my balenciaga city
  10. My kate spade travis bag - then I dont have to worry about weather or little hands because the leather can be cleaned!
  11. My LV black epi noe - goes anywhere and everywhere - rain or shine!
  12. I have given away all my throw around bags except one. I use it with my toddlers. It is The Sak bag...many years old, but still looks new even after being tossed around. I never even liked it...kept it in my closet after given to me as a gift. Now I use it all the time because I have too in my lifestyle.
  13. my emerald first. the slim shape is easy to tote around and recently I have been into anything green.
  14. My large Michael Kors Astor in Blue
  15. I don't have an everyday bag right now...since I recently obtained 3 bags for spring summer, i am rotating them on a weekly basis. If I anticipated bad weather or "danger" for my bag I carry one of my older under $20 bags.