What is your "throw around" bag?

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  1. I have a BCBG tote bag solely for errand runs. I like to just "throw" everything in there while I'm running around. :lol: :lol:
  2. probably my black kooba chiara, very durable and b/c its black i don't worry about it getting dirty
  3. usually my coach bags also. i don't really worry about ruining them. they're pretty durable.
  4. My Balenciaga Black City. I carry my life along with me everywhere I go so it (kinda) fits everything and it goes with everything.
  5. I like that. Does BR still sell it? I don't see it on their Web site.
  6. wet weather bag would be orla kiely hobo
    and my luella canvas anouk bag

    (when i got the anouk it was lovely and white but after a few wears i realised me and clean white bags dont work so i decided it would be my bag for everything and anything concerts picnics etc.
  7. My large signature and suede Coach... I'm embarrassed to say that the corners of the suede aren't really suede anymore. They're more this shiny kinda texture where the suede has rubbed off. I really DO throw my bags around:shame:
  8. Right now, my Large black gucci horsebit hobo... only because I left all my other purses at my parents house, and i'm away at college (and i hate people stealing my purses). My speedy 25 doesn't carry most of the stuff i want to take with me everywhere anymore.
  9. Looks like there are a lot of Speedys being thrown around... :biggrin: I'll be switching to my ink City as soon as I tell my hubby I have one.

  10. :biggrin:;) :lol:
  11. it would probably be my Bulga.. it's a darker red color so i don't really worry about it getting dirty or anything.. i still wouldn't call it a "throw around bag" or that i don't carry it very careful.. i baby all of my bags
  12. Hmmmm..that would be my black balenciaga hobo!it doesn't get dirty easily..love it!
  13. I have the same bag, except mine is the Moro color w/ 2 pockets. I was really surprised that the leather was so soft and smooshy. This and my TUMI tote are the perfect bags to run errands and not have to worry about.
  14. They don't carry it any longer. You might be able to still find it on ebay... the collection was called BLOOMSBURY. It came in a S, M, L. (1,2 & 4 pockets on the front) and in black, cognac, moro - dark brown, bordeaux and white. Good luck! :amuse:
  15. my mono speedy 25/30 and papillon 26.