What is your "throw around" bag?

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  1. Mine is a Coach tote I got about a year ago. It seriously is treated quite badly, but I love being able to really wear it
  2. Burberry Tote and a Furla
  3. Black MC speedy.
  4. for me, my Mono Speedy 30
  5. My Dooney & Bourke bags are my throw arounds. I have several in the pvc coated cotton (hearts & IT) so they don't get dirty easily.
  6. for me my mulberry phoebe is for rainy days!
  7. My speedy 30 because it's a little over a year old and has a patina. Also an old Tommy Hilfiger purse some gave me that I knock around.
  8. Probably the Speedy 30. I also have a couple of old backpacks for going to Disneyland.
  9. my throw around bags are cheap non designer bags under $50, sak, paul frank, target, BP bags from nordies...I baby anything more expensive than that!
  10. Right now still my speedy 30....thinking of getting a damier...but ended up with a vernis ugh...
  11. I have a leather bag from the Gap that I use when it’s rainy which means I use it almost all winter. Sigh
  12. My black Prada messenger bag is the perfect "throw around" bag especially on vacation!!
  13. Prada messenger!!!!! My favorite bag!!!!!
  14. Usually my Coach bags. I have a bunch from when I used to work there and you can really abuse them and they still look good. (But I don't abuse them too much of course!) :lol:
  15. I guess it would be my 30...I bought it used so I don't worry about the handles...it fits everything...I love it.