What is your "throw around" bag?


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Dec 5, 2005
You know a bag that you don't worry about getting dirty... I baby all of my bags but there's always that one bag that gets the most wear and abuse. Mine would be my Speedy 30 at the moment. I just worry about getting the handles dirty but other than that it's a great everyday bag. Don't worry ladies.. I don't really throw it around :biggrin:

What's yours?
speedy 30 for me too..my other louis has way too much vachetta,,and my other bags just seem mor edelicate..I bought the LV 'cause I figured it could take a lickin' and keep on tickin'
Anything under $350 that is easily replacable, therefore they are usually not designer. These are the ones that go to work in a bad neighborhood and get shoved in the middle filing cabinet drawer. Otherwise, I love them too much to throw them around.
The cognac leather Banana Republic Bloomsbury is my workhorse bag: the big one with the 4 pockets on the front. It's soft and smooshy and if need be I can throw a ton in it. It sits on an airplane floor with no worries, doesn't mind getting stuck in the rain.

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Recently it's been my LV damier papillon 26. I don't have to worry about naked vachetta, it's a dark color, easy to clean, it's lightweight and fits everything nicely :biggrin:
dianagrace said:
My Longchamp totes. I carry them when its raining, when I am going to an outdoor event, when I take my godson to the park, when I go on vacation etc.

Me too! Any one of my Longchamp totes are perfect throw around bags.