What Is Your Theme Song!!?????

  1. If one song could sum up your day/week..what would it be??!!
    I was at my daughters softball game last night having this conversation with some friends....and it was pretty funny! and yes..I even programmed this song into my cell ....my friends and family think its too funny!!!
    I chose HAD A BAD DAY...by Daniel Powter....as my Father in law was diagnosed(by my hubby..unfortunately) with terminal cancer and my teenager was hospitalized for a week as well....I listened to this song every day in my car and somehow it really made me smile cuz it was so perfect for my situation!!LOL!!!
    What is your theme song this week??!!
  2. Jill you are so strong to find good in tough situations! I am not sure if I have a theme song, but I have the Friends theme song on my phone. It makes me smile too! I need a theme song to help me get a job!! I had a phone interviewed yesterday for my dream job in Southern CA. *crossing my fingers* that I make the short list and get a second interview!! Jill, I will keep you and your family in my prayers!!
  3. From Rent
    How Did We Get Here!
  4. I love music on fashion show. Two of my most favourites are Roberto Cavalli Fall Winter 2005 and Versace Fall Winter 2006. Just perfect :smile:)
  5. Kittybag-Good luck in your job search...crossing my fingers for you!!...and THANKS!!
  6. Tomorrow will be a new theme song...something to do with total exhaustion.hee!hee!hee!.Having 13 nine year olds sleep over tonight for my daughters bday!!LOL!!!...gonna be a LOOOONG night!!
  7. Good luck with the sleepover Jill!

    Nothing really comes to mind, but my bf has "Mississippi Queen" programmed for my number. :nuts:
  8. Hmmm...theme song for the week, aye?

    I'd have to go with "I Wanna Be Sedated" by the now infamous Ramones. I have just been entirely swamped with work and errands, and pretty much everything that could possibly go wrong or get scewed up went right ahead and did. However, none of the crap I had to deal with could even begin to compare to the blow you've been dealt this week, Jill. All best wishes to you and your family.

    As for me, I'm hoping that next week will be far less hectic...:weird:
  9. "porcelain" by moby (I've been feeling insecure)
  10. vacation by go gos. :smile: i need one. the three days off that i just had will have to do though.
  12. I absolutely love that song :biggrin: Well, that and Rock n' Roll Highschool.
  13. Something by Sublime maybe, or a Jack Johnson song or two...I wont mentions which ones. oo00oo heh.
  14. the song of the week for me would be something from... Jack Johnson (he always makes me feel good) or something loud and angry.... not too sure what... but something....
  15. 'It's Gonna Be a Lovely Day' by S.o.u.l S.y.s.t.e.m.