What is your "the bag that got away"?

  1. I should of bid $20 higher, then I would of had this lovely quilted Amanda. Darnit!

  2. Just recently .... the bordeaux MP for $299. I was the only bidder during the entire auction......Got distracted at work and wasn't watching the last five minutes and it sold for $305. :cursing:
  3. A red Lola a few years back. :cursing: I could kick myself!
  4. This summer, I saw a Black Quilted Blake on the sale table at NM for just under $700 (I can't remember the exact price). I must have tried it on 4-5 times but at the time, I had never spent that much on a bag so I couldn't bring myself to buy it, even though I knew in my mind it was the perfect bag for me. I am still completely KICKING myself for not buying it. Sigh.

  5. I hate snipers!! :yucky:
  6. Kim in cola :s Got distracted at work and missed the auction by 3 sec... it was sold for $250... :noggin:
  7. The STELLA!!! I had a chance to purchase one at 75%off the price and i didn't...I could kill myself for it!! Uuuuuh oh well...please note this was 3 yrs ago...
  8. A brown blake (can't remember exact name of color) with silver hardware that was selling on Craigslist for $450... I had to convince myself that I didn't/don't need a blake. :sad:
  9. the topaz stam that I saw for a great price.....I saw one and I didn't bid and it sold for 550$ an awesome price for a mj.....let alone the one I wanted....now I see one there but they want 1100 hundred for it and I have bever spent that mucha nd refuse to
  10. MbMJ Dr. Q Groovee in Bordeaux
    i had to work so i couldnt watch the ending of the auction and relied on a sniper... the winning bid was $5 higher than mine. If i was there i wouldve continued bidding AAARGH. This was just yesterday so i'm still mkadhfladjhfas over it .___. aaaw *clutches unto the Chocolate Dr. Q*
  11. Well, mine wasn't on an auction or anything (I really don't buy via eBay), but more so I just missed getting it when it was out and about. I was basically buying other bags at the time, etc. It was the Striping Hudson. However....I was just so lucky to have gotten a brand new one from a lovely and wonderful tPFer. I should be receiving it tomorrow or later in this week. I will show you when it comes! It made my whole entire life, I'm so happy!!!!!!!! I just had to share this about my "bag that got away, then found it's way home to me". :yahoo::heart::love:
  12. Great question mslgrrl, I have to agree with chipmunkvoice on the Dr. Q Groovee in bordeaux. I've settled for one in nice tan and it's quite lovely actually, so a compromise in the end. I've also been drooling over someone's pics (I think tadpolenyc?) of the striping bowler, but this was out before I started making decent $$ and before I got into MJ. Thanks ladies, y'all are enablers. Hehe...:balloon:
  13. What a great happyending! [SIZE=-1]If you love something, set it free. If it comes back to you, it's yours. If it doesn't, it never was. I guess it was meant to be for you!