what is your tag numbers of your First Rouge Vif 06

  1. Hello ladies,

    I've got the serial numbers issue all morning. I've bought a First Rouge Vif 06 from eBay and it appears that the serial number behind the metal tag is only 1669.

    I don't know what to do because there were many opinions that is fake and genuine.

    The bag i've got which i've compared with my other First style is nothing different. The leather is beautiful, bales, studs, cards, dustbag, box, receipt from Aloha Rag & Tags are all genuine. Just this number issues that questioned me.

    Does anyone know? or pls tell me what number you guys've got on your First bags!

    Thanks in advance :heart:
  2. I hope people are not going to say that Benzie shouldn't post this outside Authenticate. I suggested that she do this so blame me if it is wrong.

    I thought it would be the quickest way of finding out what the tag number on the Rouge Vif Firsts really is without getting the question lost in the main thread.
  3. Hey benzie, dont panic! I think i have seen this before and dont think it means it is fake. To be honest if everything else ties in i would doubt its fake! Do you have any pics of the other authenticity bits?
  4. Ive just tried to remember my tag from my first 05 bubblegum i usedto own and im sure its the same! Hope this helps!
  5. Benzie

    Pluiee has a photo of a Rouge Vif First in the Style Reference. Why don't you contact her about her tag number?
  6. Jag has a photo in the Colour Reference too.
  7. sorry, late to this thread.

    don't worry! mine says 1669 only too. didn't notice that before.. i purchased it directly from BalNY so it's definitely authentic (or so i hope ;)).

    let me get some pictures of my tag for you..
  8. i hope this helps some! i hope yours is authentic, it really is a lovely bag and now the serial numbers should check out... let me know if you need more pictures..




  10. Benzie I'm happy..
    our days started out with a desaster and now BOTH of us have happy endings..
    cheers to that :heart:
  11. Thank you everyone! I AM SOOOOOOOOO HAPPY NOW..it's all good at the end..and now i can carry my new bag happily and confidenly! YIPPPPPEEEEEEE


  12. yes..i'm really happy for you too! enjoy your new bag