1. okay I have two that I can think of right now and one of them is currently on (which is why I thought about this thread). hehe. okay now I can't stop laughing.

    #1 - A Night At The Roxbury (the one on now) :roflmfao:
    #2 - Muriel's Wedding (DH HATES this one w/a passion but I watch it EVERY TIME it comes on tv)
  2. All of the Bring It On Movies :p
  3. spacytracy, first off, your signature pic FREAKED ME OUT because my ex-BF is in Rascal Flatts. :cursing: :wtf:

    In answer to the question, though, my guilty pleasure movies are "A Christmas Story" (which is funny since I'm a Jew :lol:), "The Princess Bride" to which I know all the words, and :shame: "Robin Hood"--yeah, the one with Kevin Costner. LOL!

    I LOVE Muriel's Wedding! My DH does too, though, so that's good.
  4. Forrest Gump
  5. oh i have a ton.

    the ones i can think of right now are zoolander and most of the things will ferrell has done lately.

    i love muriel's wedding! abba rocks.
  6. oh was it one of the main guys, Joe Don, Jay or Gary?? OMG, I love them!!
  7. Bad Santa.
  8. Either Zoolander or The Wedding Singer! Love them both.
  9. Dumb and Dumber....hilarous movie!
  10. The Sweetest Thing
  11. Zoolander, hands down! I have it on my laptop, on my ipod, on my desktop. Whenever I need a laugh I just play a few minutes of it and laugh myself silly, for serious! :p
  12. Not a stupid movie but a guilty pleasure movie I watch over and over is Rent.
  13. Old School, I love any movie with Vince Vaughn & Will Ferrell
  14. 1. Zoolander
    2. White Chicks
    3. Wishmaster 1, 2, and 3
    4. Deuce Bigalo
    5. Corky Romano
    My list is a mile long, because I love dumb movies, but these came immediately to mind. I only like action, horror and dumb movies! lol Chick flicks and dramas aren't me!
  15. I love A Christmas Story, it drives every one around me crazy because I have to see it every year.

    Beetlejuice is another one.

    Also Hocus Pocus.