What is your spoiled cat's most prized possession?

  1. I know most of us cat people spoil our little guys with all sorts of fancy food, toys, and treats. Of all the stuff we have given them, or that they have found for themselves, what is their most prized treasure?

    Stinky has a crummy sock toy that was rejected by 20 prior years worth of cats. It was from one of those kitty Christmas stockings. She loves it more than anything else, including her Coach bags.

    Peeper is my weird little tuxedo cat. She has a scrap of paper that she found somewhere in the house that she carries around with her. Sometimes she brings it to me to show what a great hunter she is. I don't dare throw it out, but no matter where I hide it, she always finds it and brings it back. :lol:


    What do the other PF kitties have?
  2. Peeper is a cutie-pie!
    Lupe used to carry a very ratty bit of fake fur (someone took pity on him in the shelter and made him a toy) around with him.
    Annabel had a fur ball with a bit of rope and a bell attached to it (originally Clyde's and I have no idea where she found it) that nobody else was allowed to touch.
    Gerbil was inseparable from his toy monkey when he was at the Shelter (one of the vets has a great video of him cleaning up Mr Monkey, covering it in kisses), but now he has a Forever Home he spends too much time fussing over Maia-Annabel to worry about his cuddly toy......


    Maia-Annabel is very fond of a stick with feathers attached that Colin used to play with before he became a sensible young man :biggrin:...it's a stick with just one bedraggled feather these days, but she still prefers it to the shiny new one I got for her....
  3. i think its her double wide cat scratcher from trader joes ;)
  4. Both of the cats are too lazy to take an interest in any sort of entertainment that isnt strokes or food.

    When my cat was a kitten she stole my toy ginger cat and took great pleasure in attacking it...I do wonder if thats why she hates the other cat who is ginger..maybe he brings back memories of this little toy cat...
  5. Peeper is a real beauty, what a gorgeous puss!

    My lad Hops' favourite thing is probably his Da Bird toy, he goes mad for it. Meanwhile for little lady Pip it's probably her tunnel bed (pictured) she was a very timid ex-stray/feral when I got her, and although she's come out of her shell since then it's still her safe place. A close second for her would be tuna...I think she'd probably trade vital organs in exchange for that!
  6. I have a kickeroo...my cats occasionally sniff at it, then wander off...
  7. Unfortunetely my cat Malki's most prized possession is an antique chaise longue... :sweatdrop: It is upholstered with kilim that she scratches, smooshes and occasionally gives a tongue bath. She spends more than 12 hours a day enjoying herself in it, no one else can use it, let alone vacuum it!
  8. Rubber bands. My Kumquat thinks they're the greatest things in the world.
  9. My cat's favourite toy is the tissue paper from the Anthropologie stores. She loves sitting on it and sleeping on it. I would never throw it out but if I move it, she gets mad!
  10. My cat thinks he owns everything so there's no one particular thing he loves more than others :graucho: I suppose I'm lucky he lets me sit on his furniture at all :lolots:

    For play he's a sucker for paper in any form, especially wrapping/tissue or TP if he can get a hold of it. Random but also plastic grocery bags. He'll just lick lick lick them all day :shrugs:
  11. String! Especially the ones that came with the wheat packs I buy! I can't even say "string" without Boris perking up and finding his string to bring to me!
  12. My cat is like Oggers's cat: can't be bothered with toys. Her favorite possession is her humans, I'd say, but only after her food ;) . My kitten (now 15 months, so not so kitten-ish) is a toy loving monster, and his favorite possession is his blue My Little Pony plastic figure. Not sure why, but he loves the thing and kicks it around with glee. It used to be my My Little Pony from my kids for my bday (lol), but now it's Kitten's.
  13. Toys. Definitely the string on a stick style toys. When we had just gotten them my boy cat would take them growling and hide them in his carrier. He's mellowed since then. My girl cat likes biting things and carrying them off. She's made off with nail polish and jewelry.
  14. The most popular item is a little blue and red scarf that was originally around the neck of a stuffed toy penguin.

    Also, any type of box--they especially love the ones they have to cram themselves into.

    The baby, Lucinda, loooooves toy mice that have bells on them. In fact the other night I tossed one down the hall, she raced after it--and brought it back to me. We played "fetch" until she decided it was time to get serious and kill that mouse. Silly girl.