What is your signature move?

  1. My cheeky flirtatious smile, that is what I have been told anyway, hehehe ;)
  2. I do this little shrug-type thing with my shoulders pretty often, everyone I know thinks it's so hilarious and cute.
  3. Well, first I get on the dance floor then I drop it real low and shake it.

    haha kidding!

    I say "Well, Hot damn" to just about everything!
  4. Hmmm after reading the John5 thread I've decided I need to perfect the Bend and Snap :roflmfao:
  5. I first thought this meant our moves in bed...tsk tsk pursegrrl...dirty mind!!!
  6. I thought you meant dance moves. I can do a mean Electric Slide :happydance:
  7. Re: What is your signature move?


  8. LOL - thats whay I thought 2, which is why I just reply asking where w/o reading the other replyes. Well at least I know Im not the only one thinking on that and with the dirty mind!!!:p
  9. I don't think I have one...is that bad?? :huh:
  10. Walking into clearly visible stationary objects with a greater mass and tensile strength than my body. ("Hello Mister Door Frame/Scaffolding/Lamp Post, fancy running into you here!")
  11. I don't think I can go into details :smile:
  12. I'd have to say the graceful way I sink into the most comfortable chair, while smiling radiantly upon all present, as more rapidly than the eye can follow, my hand snaps out and swiftly seizes the remote...
  13. ROFLMAO!!!
  14. Great minds think alike!:graucho:
  15. Well, mine fits my avatar. I can throw back scotch like there is no tomorrow. 2 beers and I'm drunk but I can drink scotch with the best of them.