What Is Your Shoe Size ??

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What Is Your Shoe Size ?

  1. 5

  2. 6

  3. 6.5

  4. 7

  5. 7.5

  6. 8

  7. 8.5

  8. 9

  9. 9.5

  10. 10

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  1. My shoe size is 7.5 so, I find it really easy to find great shoes.

    How about you ?
  2. 6.5. I don't usually have problems.
  3. Hmmm very realistic--Just like Macy's and most shoe manufacturers- you left out a choice for the women that wear 11.
  4. I used to be 7 before I had my son, and now I am 8!!! I had to replace ALL my shoes!!!
  5. I'd say 36.5 (6.5 US?). But it depends on which make it is, sometimes I can even wear 35. That's why I never buy shoes online.
  6. i'm a 7 but my feet are wide. I wear 7B or med, but would love it if I could wear something a little wider. I guess that's wy I love sandals to much, they don't squosh my feet.
  7. I wear 35 (5) and I always have some serious problems in buying the shoes I like :sad:
  8. 6.5 Thank goodness my feet didn't grow after having my daughter.
  9. Im an easy to find 7.5
  10. I'm a 8 or 9, depends on what brand it is.. I'm tall so I need big feet to keep me standing :P
  11. am 9.5 , but some times get 10 for a lil room , i do have some 11 i hate when my heel hangs of the back
  12. size 6...but most times i find that i can also fit into a size 5
  13. I'm a size 11. Makes it difficult to buy cheap shoes but fortunatly, I have expensive tastes :biggrin: (just kidding). I live in trainers and ballerina pumps.
  14. i'm with you superqueen, i have a 5, or even 4.5!!! terrible time buying shoes. i'm almost always in pumas.
  15. I wear a size 10, and have wide feet, too. Sometimes I become disappointed when a shoe that looks adorable in a size 7,but not so cute in a 10. It could just be me, most of my family and friends have little feet. So I feel like mine are huge.