What is your SECRET guilty pleasure?

  1. Cheese its :0
  2. Picking out all the twisted/folded in half and overcooked/slightly burnt chips from a pack and eating them first, and also pretending to be restrained, reserved and nonchalant to my hubby when the postie delivers a bag I've been stalking and losing sleep over its arrival! :greengrin:
  3. Bumpity-bump-bump.

    Lifetime movies.
  4. Hello Kitty Squinkies. And trips to Toys R Us in general. I'm 21.

    I love cheez-its. I accidentally ate a whole box of cheez-its once. I was watching TV and eating them straight from the box. They were so good and then all of a sudden, the box was empty! Where did they all go!? Oh... oh no... did I just EAT A WHOLE BOX?!

    My new shoe ritual is strange. It always includes a reverence to the sole if it's a new shoe. So soft, so smooth... so virgin. If it's something preloved I will wear it around the house in EVERYTHING just to make it mine and as it remolds to my foot. There was a time when I was practicing in my Matastrasse Velvet Orlatos in my pajamas and my parents just kind of kept on walking. They know by now.
  5. Love them all, and Andy Cohen.

    Mine is McD fries :nuts:
  6. Anything on Bravo lol I will never admit it to fam & friends!
  7. TPF!! - No-one knows about it! :woot:
  8. I couldn't think of one but I defo agree with listening to corny songs...

    Why do you build me up (Build me up)
    Buttercup baby just to
    let me down....
  9. Running my hands over soft leather....

    I guess that is why I am on this forum in the first place ! LOL !
  10. Reading the TomKat thread. :shocked:
  11. LOL I thought I was the only one! I used to be a visual merchandiser so I think it stems from that but at times I will rearrange or "tidy up" displays in stores and think of how they should hire me! lol
  12. Going to bed at 7pm and not having to wake up until 7am ...... heavenly bliss :sleepy:
  13. RHWOBH, ice cream, granola and white choc chip and raspberry cookies!!.....(and I'm English hehe!)....:biggrin:
  14. Real Housewives of ANYTHING.

    Jasmine rooibos tea.

    Cupcakes & ice cream ... I'm working on this one. :girlsigh:
  15. Documentaries on fat people. It's horrible, and very demoralising and exploitative of fat people - but give me Half-Ton Son, Supersize vs. Superskinny, that terrible Brookhaven show or Secret Eaters and I am one happy girl.