What is your SECRET guilty pleasure?


Handbags and Horses
Jul 4, 2009
In the saddle.
We all have things we do thats totally embarassing to admit to friends and loved ones.

Id like to hear yours to make me feel more normal about mine:

1. I sometimes buy my little ponies and barbie-horses for MYSELF! Why? Because Its souch a sweet feeling to unwrap them and smell that new-plastic smell and is it just me or do toys just get cuter! Takes me back to christmas a birthdays when I was little. After the 5 minutes it takes me to unwrap them and "finish" however I have NO IDEA what to do with them.... Ive only done this like 3 times. Theyre in a box in a closet somewhere. :giggles:

2. I love corny songs like 'Can't touch this' and 'Im too sexy for my shirt'. Theyre just so... FUN! :biggrin:

Anyone else?


Oct 25, 2010
Here and there.
Mine is kind of like yours--I buy American Girl dolls complete with accessories, outfits and furniture. I store them in a closet and keep telling myself I'm just buying them in advance for the daughter I'll have in who-knows-how-many years but really, I just love them!
Mar 7, 2008
I have purchased My Little Ponies too, I wanted them so badly as a kid and only had a few (one of which had no tail lol). I even collected them for a while. I've gifted many of them to some of my younger cousins. I love corny songs too! I dance like crazy to the 80's channel on my Directv while cleaning!

1. My secret guilty pleasure, I actually enjoy organizing things. I even organize while shopping :lol:. My BF noticed once that I had to straighten out a book at Costco and I was like dang caught red handed!

2. I also watch the occasional cartoon while eating popcorn, reminds me of my childhood.

3. I still look forward to all the dorky holiday traditions that we did when I was younger and I miss the ones we don't do. hehe....


only once you live
Dec 11, 2005
Rod Stewart, The Hoff's music & the Eurovision Song Contest.


Oct 12, 2011
-Eating junk food! Becuase...maaan, it tastes good! I'm all pro-healthy-home-cooked-meals but I sometimes give in in pizzas, burgers and fries.

-Watching pointless shows on TV late at night though I know I have to get up very early the next morning!


Jul 1, 2010
-browsing Youtube for hours, looking for interviews of celebrities
-perusing Craigslist for my fantasy home..basically homes I cannot afford!
-thawing imitation crab sticks (the one you put in California rolls) and just eating them like chips :biggrin:


Handbags and Horses
Jul 4, 2009
In the saddle.
Oh... thought of two more....

I light matches and blow them out just for the smell... smells like christmas!
Also LOVE to collect empty bottles (shampoo, shower cream etc) to throw them out. Because I love ritting myself of empty bottles I never have any but my sisters bathroom is a GOLDMINE! I once filles 3 bags of empty shampoo bottles from her bathroom and I had a BLAST! It felt.... so... good! :weird: