what is your santa giving you?????

  1. hubby thinks i'm crazy since i just got a bag this past month, but i have only requested one thing this year... my first LV! (of course, that is in exchange for me getting him a plasma... :confused1: )

    i figured a good starter was a damier 25 speedy.

    i think this is the beginning of a new obsession! :supacool:
  2. It certainly will be.. Vuitton is sooo addictive ! :graucho:

    And I don't think I'm getting anything from Santa this Christmas.. boo hoo !
  3. Good luck! I'm sure when he sees that plasma tv he'll be happy to get your speedy. Obsession doesn't begin to describe it. It's more like living and breathing lv 24/7!!
  4. i hope i will be getting a framboise reade pm.... if not, then probaby a damier or epi or vernis cles w/ some chanel sunglasses
  5. i'm getting a Damier Azur Speedy 30 and Azur Pochette cles from Santa this year :yahoo:

    hey, don't buy a Plasma TV. LCD TV is sooo much better. I hope you haven't bought it yet. Get the LCD TV instead. I've read a lot of bad reviews about Plasma TVs.
  6. I have no idea what Santa will get me.. wish I knew.

    I agree. My dh went into total research for our Bravia. LCD's better. Check out cnet.
  7. Hi everyone

    I'm new here.

    I just bought a bag last week, very good quality leather bag but unknown brand. I thought that bag would satisfy my needs but it hasn't. In fact I think its a waste of money buying an alternative brand from the one you really want, because all the cheaper alternatives add up and I could have used the money to buy the brand I really want.

    Anyway, I still want an LV bag and this forum has made me even more obsessed. My husband thinks I'm nuts and tells me I need to see the doctor. He keeps on discouraging me from getting anything from LV but he still wants an LCD TV from me!

    I figured if I got him the TV may be he won't mind so much me getting an LV bag.
  8. Yay!

    My bf's been getting mad cause everytime I see something on ebay I buy it right then and later on I tell him. He has no idea what to get me cause I keep getting the things I want LOL
  9. My DH isn't a good shopper and he dislikes internet shopping. The only way I'll get an LV for Christmas is if I tell him that's what he's getting me and order it myself. Instead I think I'm going to ask him to get me some attachments for my Kitchenaid stand mixer and get a handheld kitchenaid mixer.
  10. LOL I got my LV Xmas gifts early this year from my fiancee!

    *Damier Azur Speedy 30 (he ended up buying it for me at the VIP party...was gonna buy it myself but...)
    *Epi black Speedy 30
  11. Santa is giving me a ban :Push:
  12. Hello Couturegrl, I've been dying to make my first LV purchase an epi bag and I've been looking at the black epi speedy 30 on eluxury. I've been wondering if in person it looks a bit plain or plain georgeous!

    Your advice or anyone elses would be greatly appreciated!

  13. :love: :love: I would say a Speedy 25 but I think Santa might have an engagement ring. Fingers crossed. I can buy the Speedy myself.
  14. :roflmfao:

    Too bad for you, hopefully santa will bring me two miroir bags or a birkin :devil:
  15. A LCD TV and a trip to Caribbean.:yahoo: